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If you love to drink, chances are that beers are one of your favorite drinks. They are beloved by many, especially because there are so many different types of beers to choose from! The greatest thing about beers is that they are one of the few types of alcoholic drinks that are not considered liquor or hard alcohol, usually because they have a much lower alcohol percentage compared to other alcohols. Either way, having a cold, refreshing beer is something that many people enjoy.

One of these types of beers is the IPA beer category. If you are wondering what exactly those are, look no further!

Meaning of IPA Beer

An IPA beer is also known as an India pale ale. It generally refers to light color beers that are made primarily with pale malt. This is a type of barley that is used to make all kinds of beers. The types of beers and brewing processes that fall under this IPA category depends on the country.

Historically, IPA beers come from England. They got their name because the British would export a specific type of beer to India, and eventually that style of beer because known specifically as the India pale ale. Over the years, as international trade grew, more and more types of IPA brewing techniques were formed, each with slight variations around the world.

However, most IPA beers have a lot of hops. Hops are flowers from a plant that are used commonly to flavor and stabilize beer. There are several different types of hops flowers, and depending on the type that you use, the beer that results can taste more bitter, zesty, or citric. Many breweries have their own hops or combinations of malts and hops, which creates unique flavors in their beer.

IPA beers also typically have higher alcohol content than other categories of beers.

Examples of IPA Beer in a Sentence

  • We have three beers on tap today: a California IPA, an Irish porter, and a lager from Switzerland.
  • Are you ready to order your beers? I would definitely recommend that you try the IPA if you like more hops in the taste or the lager if you want a crisper finish.

Dialogue with IPA Beer

Waiter: Good evening, ladies. Can I take your orders, or do you have questions about the menu?

Amber: Oh yes, we have a question about the beers? Can you recommend some for us? We are not very familiar with these options and want to know what most people are ordering.

Waiter: Of course! We have a really wide selection of beers here, of course. You can choose from a variety of different IPA beers, porters, lagers, and ales. What kinds of flavors do you prefer? The more bitter tastes or the lighter and crisper tastes?

Emily: I think most of us like the lighter beers more. Which beers would be crisper?

Waiter: You probably should lean towards the IPAs. They tend to be much lighter. They are not necessarily crisp, but they have hops and tend to have higher gravity. This means they have different flavors and are denser. What do you think?

Polly: Sure, I think us ladies would enjoy that. Could you bring us 5 mugs of your most popular IPA?

Waiter: I definitely will! What else would you like to order to go with that?

Amber: I think maybe we are only set on the IPAs now, so can we have more time to choose our food?

Waiter: Sure, I will come back in a couple minutes. Let me know if you have any questions, alright?

Polly: Yes, we will. Thank you!

Synonyms for IPA Beer (other ways to say IPA beer)

Since IPA is an abbreviation, you can always refer to the beers as India pale ales. However, most people probably would be confused if you ordered that. Instead, everyone is familiar with the abbreviation IPA.

There are three main sub categories of IPAs. They are the American style, English style, and Double or Imperial IPA. There are some other, much smaller categories, but they are not nearly as significant as these three. Each of these categories of beers has a unique taste that comes from the ingredients they use and the hops that are added. These classifications could be used as substitutes for the category of IPA in general.

As a specific category of beer, there are no synonyms for IPA beers. However, you can order some specific brands of IPAs including the following famous IPA beers:

  • Russian River Blind Pig
  • Ballast Point Sculpin
  • Firestone Brewing Company Union Jack
  • Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale
  • Surly Furious
  • Racer 5
  • Alpine Beer Company Duet
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