What does Bruh mean? Bruh Definition:


When you want to talk to someone that you are close to, you can use “bro” as a term of endearment. It is usually something nice. The pet name is one that is used among young people, especially among men. You can use it for both women and men – there is not distinction between them. However, it simply signifies that the person you are talking to is close to you and important in your life.

In some cases, bro has become a little more formal. You may talk to people that you have just met and call them bro. To make a subtle differentiation between people who are more like acquaintances and people that you are really close to, you can call those you really are close to your bruh and call anyone else your bro.

Bruh is a way young people address other young people.

Many times, the word bruh may be used in an unflattering context. You may think that it sounds like someone is making fun of another, and sometimes the term is used to draw attention to something that you are about to say. Either way, calling something bruh is simply an informal way to address them.


What were you thinking, bruh?

Hey bruh, it is really good to see you again!

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