15 Most popular shows on Netflix: Orange is the New Black, Friends, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights and Freaks and Geeks…



Hello English learners!

Today, I want to take a break from grammar and vocabulary and have some fun.

This post is going to be about the most popular shows on Netflix.

That’s right, put away your Grammar in Use and dictionary and get out your laptop or tablet, because we are talking about Netflix.

As the title says these are the most popular shows on Netflix.

Now, I do need to say that these are the most popular now. It is Dec 2017.

If you are visiting this post and it is the year 2035, then things might have changed by then.

Also, thank you, for visiting our site. The people from 2017 say “Hello”!

Without further adieu, may I present the most popular shows on Netflix?

1. Breaking Bad

The plot is simple: A high school chemistry teacher gets cancer. He turns to making drugs to help pay for his treatment.

This series is similar to the movie The Godfather. You will cheer for the main character, as they slowly become a monster.

The screenwriting for this television show is just amazing. The on-camera chemistry between the two protagonists is magical.

Each episode leaves you with wanting more. You need to know what happens.

This is one of those series where you keep saying “One more episode, one more episode” and you look at the clock and it is 5AM.

2. Freaks and Geeks

This series was cancelled and then brought back due to demand of the fans.

This is a story about teenagers in the early 80’s. The teenagers are not very popular in school, but they will have you laughing in every episode.

Comedies are popular and there is no surprise that this show is at #2 on the list of most popular shows on Netflix.

3. Friday Night Lights

This series is a drama that focuses on high school football in Texas. If you don’t know, in the South, American football is the most important thing.

Nothing else matters and the entire town runs-on what is happening on the football field.

The producers use this small town to explain American culture. So if you are looking to gain insight on racism, family values, educational system and drugs in the United States of America, then tune in and be prepared to be entertained.

4. Orange is the New Black

Coming in at number 4 is Orange is the New Black. This is based off a book. The plot revolves around a women’s prison.

This series has comedy and drama.

The main character, Piper gets sentenced to 15 months of prison. She was caught transporting drug money. She goes on to live a normal life, but gets put back in prison.

She has to learn the rules of prison. Hold on, because every episode will leave you wanting more.

5. Louie

The comedian Louis C. K. offers his opinion and perspective on the world in this series. It is similar to Seinfeld except darker.

This show brings life to Louis’s stand-up. The setting is New York City, so you will get a taste of some real New York City life, which is nothing like it is portrayed in the series Friends.

If you are looking to laugh and cry, then this is the series for you!

6. Arrested Development

This is a show about the Bluth family. They are a dysfunctional family; that does some unbelievable things along the way.

It acts like a documentary with some photos and voice-over narration that adds to the comedy.

Beware. It was cancelled by Fox Corporation so you might not get the closure that you need.

7. Friends

Are you kidding me? This show ended in 2004 and 13 years later it is still in the top 10!

This series is what every New Yorker wishes New York City was really like: huge affordable apartments, great friends and a lot of laughs.

This group of friends will make you wish you lived in the Big Apple. After 10 seasons, they will become your friends and it will be difficult to say goodbye.

This series has stood the test of time, because it has it all. It has comedy, drama, tears and surprise.

Each season gets better and better until the finale!

Sit back and grab some tissues because this series is an emotional roller coaster.

8. Mad Men

This series also happens in New York City except in the 1960’s to 1970’s.

Mad Men will take you back in time to a world full of advertising. The cast is what makes this series. Every character adds enormous value to the show.

Let Don Draper take you by the hand in this television show museum and share a drink with you.

All 7 seasons are great!

I actually started watching this on accident. I had been given the DVD’s and was bored one day.

After the first episode, I never looked back and let Netflix auto-play the next episode.

9. Better Call Saul

This is a spin off from Breaking Bad. Take my advice, Watch Breaking Bad first, then start Better Call Saul.

Saul is the lawyer for the chemistry teacher in Breaking Bad. After watching Breaking Bad, you will want more of some of the characters and this series will leave you satisfied.

The universe continues and even though Breaking Bad is over, the journey is not.

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This series will take a couple of episodes for you to get settled into. Keep in mind this show was a long shot.

The second season was not even supposed to happen. The first episodes where taped using a $300 camera.

The characters are from a different planet mentally and will keep you laughing all the way until season 11.

The comedy is written in a brilliant manner! No wonder it ranks in the top ten!

11. 30 Rock

Do you want to have a hit television show? Then make it happen in New York City.

30 Rock is about the broadcasting company NBC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. This is one of the funniest shows ever written.

The back and forth banter better Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey is comedy gold. Tracy Morgan picks up any slack in this hilarious sitcom.

This series can make anyone laugh. When you are feeling down, tune into 30 Rock.

12. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From the same Producer of 30 Rock, Tina Fey brings another Netflix smash to their platform.

The setting takes place in New York City. A woman escapes a cult in Indiana (United States) and has to adjust to life in the Big Apple.

She meets many characters along the way and your sides will hurt from laughing so hard!

13. Parks and Recreation

Tired of New York City, but still want to laugh? Check out this political comedy happening in Indiana. Leslie Nope is so passionate about her job when everyone else around her couldn’t care less.

See where Chris Pratt got his start and check out the blooper reel! See Aziz Ansari before he wrote and stars in Master of None.

This starts off slow, so you might skip to Season 2 to start laughing. It takes the cast to figure out their characters.

14. Archer

This is a cartoon, but don’t let that fool you. This was not written for children. This series is about a fictional spy that has some dark comedy along the way. If you are into action and adventure, then this is the series for you.

Seasons 1-4 follow that same equation.

Then each Season is new all the way until Season 8.

Give it a chance and if you don’t like it after a couple episodes switch to Rick and Morty.

15. The Office

This is one of my favorite sitcoms! This simple paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania will make you want to quit your job and work at Dunder Mifflin.

The Office has an amazing cast that makes this show seem like a real documentary.

You will laugh and cry during this series.

I can’t say anything more about how great this show is!

So I won’t. And we will end on that note.

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