10 Wonderful Websites That Will Help You Improve Your Pronunciation


It is very hard to reduce your native accent and improve your British or American English Pronunciation. You need to both listen to the words and pronounce them. We have already guided you on how to sound like a native speaker.  Today, I’m going to show you 7 websites you can use everyday to improve your pronunciation.

1. MyEnglishTeacher.eu

To become perfect in pronunciation, it is very important to not only listen to the words, but also to practise pronouncing them yourself. In our Skype lessons, you listen to the native teacher first and then pronounce the words yourself. You learn how to remember the meanings of words, how to use them in different situations/sentences and how to pronounce them correctly at the same time. This way, I doubt you’ll ever forget a word you learn!
It is one of the most effective methods of practice.


2. MyEnglishTeacher.eu YouTube Channel

myenglishteacher youtube channel

3. Netflix

Watching amazing TV-shows and trying to pronounce the phrases you hear is one of the smartest and cheapest way to improve.

netflix tv-shows

4. Rachel’s English

My second favorite website is this one because Rachel makes it so easy to understand how you should pronounce the American words. She uses videos to explain and demonstrate how you can sound like a native.

rachels english

5. Anglo-Link

Very similar to Rachel’s English website, Minoo Short creates easy to follow and helpful video lessons for you to improve your British English pronunciation.

anglo link

6. YouGlish

Ever wondered how to pronounce certain words with an American English, British English or Australian English accentNow you can watch those words being said in a video using YouGlish.com

push forward in Hilary Clinton's speech

7. English Pronunciation Lab

These videos, created by Heather Hansen, are extremely interesting to watch. She not only helps you improve your pronunciation, but also gives some great tips on how to overcome your nerves and build up your confidence.

English Pronunciation Lab

8. Saundz

Saundz is an app that enables you to practice American English pronunciation. The English pronunciation lessons start from the simple sounds and show you how you can combine them into words. The app is available for iOS and Windows.


9. English Fun Cast

Our friend, Ron’s really FUN cast will always bring some sunshine into your life, simply because Ron speaks with a really funny accent. Sorry Ron, but it is your trademark! 🙂


10. EslPod

Everyone’s favorite podcast. The deal here is simple: if you listen to it a lot, you will hear the same words repeatedly, and after a while you will be able to memorize how to pronounce them. There are plenty of topics for you to choose from too!

Do you know other useful websites? Please share them with us!

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5 years ago

Good list. A new website to improve pronunciation is justlearn.com