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🎲 Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a game about getting to know people, mostly. The phrase never have I ever refers to something you never did in your entire life. It can’t be something you tried and didn’t do again, or something you disagree with.

Never have I ever can only mean that it is something you have never done in your entire life. By saying the phrase and telling others something you never did you get to know what other people also didn’t, or did, do in their lives.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Game

Never have I ever is a party game. In order to play the game, there need to be at least two players. There are commonly more than four players, but it can be played as a couple’s game.

The rules are simple. One person has to state something that they never did, and the rest have to react. These reactions depend on whether the other players have, or haven’t done the thing from the statement.

Never have I ever can be played as a simple party game with no special rules, as a drinking game, or a private game to learn more about another person.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Rules

How Do I Play Never Have I Ever?

Never have I ever is a simple game with simple rules. There are many varieties of the game, but the rules are never complex. You only have to choose what is the task people have to perform in case they lose the round.

Never have I even can be played as a drinking game, a game with tasks to perform, or a game with a level of punishment. In case someone loses the round they have to perform according to the rules you have set.

The game starts with the words “never have I ever,” and then the person says something they have never done.


  • Never have I ever painted my hair green.

Anyone who is playing can lose the round if they have painted their hair green, and if they haven’t they win the round. Winning does not give you anything, you just advance to the new round. Losing means you have to do something according to the rules.

So, you win if you haven’t done what is said after “never have I ever,” and you lose if you have done it. The only other rule is the form of punishment for the people who lost.

If you play it as a drinking game, then the people who lost have to drink. If it’s played with tasks to perform, then the people who lost have to complete the tasks. You can make them run out on the balcony and scream something, or make them do handstands, push-ups, sit-up, just make sure it’s fun and they can actually do it.

If you have the ruleset as a form of punishment then you can ask the people who lost to do other kinds of things. Just don’t make it too extreme. The people who lost can take a shot of tequila, or hot sauce, they can perform dares, or just do something they might not really like. Remember, don’t make it too extreme, it’s still supposed to be a fun game.

Never have I ever is a game played in order to get to know people. Since people tell you somethings they did, you get to know parts of their lives. It’s a good ice-breaker at parties and gatherings.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions

There are so many questions you can ask in never have I ever. Anything you wish to know about the people playing. Or you can tell them something about yourself.

The questions can also be very general, and just fun. Anything in life can be a never have I ever question, so make sure you use anything you know.


  • Never have I ever seen snow.
  • … been to the beach.
  • … been to the mountains.
  • … seen a snake.
  • … seen a lion.
  • … slept during class.
  • … forgotten my books in school.
  • … had surgery.
  • … been sad about a breakup.
  • … been to a live concert.
  • … been in a fistfight.
  • … seen a fight in a bar.
  • … gone out without underwear.
  • … imitated an accent after a few drinks.
  • … told a random person I loved them.
  • … forgotten my house keys.
  • … had to walk barefoot because I lost my shoes.
  • … ordered an Uber.
  • … smoked.
  • … bought cigarettes when I was underage.
  • … lied to my parents about smoking.
  • … cheated in poker.
  • … gotten kicked out of a nightclub.
  • … broken my high-heels.
  • … torn my dress while going out.
  • … torn my pants while squatting
  • … done witchcraft.
  • … insulted someone on the street.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Game Online

It is possible to play never have I ever online as well. You can play it here: https://never-have-i-ever-online.com/, or on various apps. The goal with playing online is that the program forms the questions, and the people playing answer.

When playing live you can form questions in order to find out things about people, or to tell them about yourself. When playing online or with an app the questions are not personal, are they are random.

As with playing live, when playing online you have to set the rules about what to do when you lose. This can be done as a drinking game, a task to perform, or a slight form of punishment. Because the computer generates the questions the rules can be random as well.

Never have I ever apps:

🎲 Never Have I Ever Generator

You can play never have I ever without having to ask the questions yourself. There are apps and websites that have generators to ask the questions for you. If you want the questions to be random, and not person, you can use this website: https://never-have-i-ever-online.com/

By playing with a generator you don’t have to make up the questions, they can be random, and you can just make up the rules for the people who lose the round. This way to play is less personal, and you might not learn s much about the people you are playing. The questions can be very random.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

Never have I ever can be played by kids. The questions can be funny, or just childish. When kids play there should be no punishment or other rules, it should just be fun.


  • Never have I ever watched cartoons all day.
  • … eaten cereal for dinner.
  • … eaten a spoon of sugar when mom was out of the house.
  • … gotten sick from eating candy.
  • … made dirt cake.
  • … been camping.
  • … earned a scout badge.
  • … gotten a high score in a video game.
  • … ran so fast my dad couldn’t catch me.
  • … forgotten to tie my shoelaces.
  • … gotten hit in the head with a football.
  • … had to play the tree in a school theater drama.
  • … learned to play a new song on the piano.
  • … had to sing at my sister’s birthday party.
  • … pooped myself in public.
  • … gotten cooties.
  • … drank so much Coca-Cola I ran for forever.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions for Friends

Remember that one of the goals in never have I ever is to get to know people. So, form questions that tell the players about yourself, and you also get to learn about them.


  • Never have I ever been drunk.
  • … stolen something from my parents.
  • … driven a car.
  • … worked at a McDonald’s.
  • … played video games all day.
  • … cheated on a test.
  • … skipped class.
  • … called in sick to work even though I was fine.
  • … lied to my partner.
  • … ordered food and said I cooked it.
  • … not returned a book to the library for a year.
  • … fired a gun.
  • … used a knife.
  • … been hunting.
  • … been fishing.
  • … gotten lost in a shopping mall.
  • … gotten lost in the woods.
  • … driven over the speed limit.
  • … got caught by the police.
  • … got a ticket or a fine.
  • … been swimming in a river.
  • … been swimming in a lake.
  • … fallen in love at first sight.
  • … broken something in a shop.
  • … lost my wallet.
  • … lost my passport.
  • … traveled alone.
  • … driven a motorcycle.

There are all kinds of questions you can ask the people playing in order to make new friends, and get to know each other. When playing with people you like just keep the questions light, and have fun.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

  • Never have I ever cheated on my partner.
  • … lied to my partner about where I was.
  • … gotten married.
  • … gotten divorced.
  • … thought about being with someone else while in a relationship.
  • … told my friends I was in love.
  • … forgotten my partner’s birthday.
  • … forgotten our anniversary.
  • …bought my partner a gift as an apology.
  • … told a fake story about how we met.
  • … made a couple’s social media account for me and my partner.
  • … wanted to have kids.
  • … lied to my partner’s parents.
  • … forgotten to pick up the kids from school.
  • … asked my friends for relationship advice.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions

A lot of time never have I ever can be dirty, and very descriptive. Asking such questions is meant to be obscene, and to draw attention. It can also make people laugh, or be disgusted. Both are possible.


  • Never have I ever had sex outside.
  • … drank piss.
  • … snorted vodka.
  • … had an anal probe.
  • … done mud wrestling.
  • … eaten bugs.
  • … thrown poop at another person.
  • … thrown upon myself, or others.
  • … played with a dead animal.
  • … snorted a line of ants.
  • … kept my tooth under the pillow, forgot about it until it rotted.
  • … kept a jar of fingernails.
  • … seen a preserved monkey head.
  • … gotten stuck in quicksand.
  • … written a letter with my own blood.
  • … not washed for over a week.
  • … not shaved my entire body for over a year.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

When adults play never have I ever the questions be very different than when kids play it. Adults are usually the ones to play the game in the first place. These questions can include things that only adults should be able to do.


  • Never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket.
  • … bought a lot of alcohol and drank it all in one day.
  • … took out a loan.
  • … cheated on my driver’s exam.
  • … forgotten to pay my electricity bill.
  • … had to take out a mortgage on my house.
  • … forgotten to feed the kids.
  • … forgotten to change my baby’s diaper.
  • … fallen asleep while babysitting.
  • … messed up a speech at a wedding.
  • … got so drunk I knocked on a wrong door.
  • … played poker and lost all my money.
  • … not payed my electricity bill and they cut my power.
  • … been in a car accident.
  • … had to cook and entire meal for a house party.
  • … gotten fired.
  • … been late for work.
  • … talked about my boss behind his back.
  • … talked about my boss behind his back and he heard me.
  • … fallen in love with a coworker.
  • … had an affair with a coworker.
  • … gotten married.
  • … gotten a divorce.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Questions for Girl

When playing never have I ever it depends on who’s asking the question. Often times boys will ask questions only boys can relate to, but girls can also ask questions only girls can relate to. This can be tactical, so the opposite players have to take a drink, do a task, or get punished.

There are some questions only girls can relate to, and they can be used against your opponents.


  • Never have I ever kissed a boy.
  • … gotten my period in a public place.
  • … forgotten to take my birth control.
  • … left the house without a condom.
  • … gotten drunk and made out with someone I don’t like.
  • … lost a basketball match.
  • … lost in track and field.
  • … had to wear high heels.
  • … worn teared jeans.
  • … bought shoes two sizes too small.
  • … brought sneakers with me when I went out.
  • … had to ask for a tampon from a friend.
  • … gotten scared by a rat.
  • … chased a stray dog from my yard.
  • … burnt my food while cooking.
  • … lifted under sixty kilos in a deadlift.
  • … walked through the forest alone.
  • … forgotten about my black cat and almost sat on it.
  • … cut my hair short after a breakup.
  • … dyed my hair purple.
  • … cleaned the entire house instead of studying.
  • … cried in public.
  • … made out with a girl.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Teenage Questions

When teenagers play never have I ever it’s usually to show off, or play tough in front of their friends. Teenagers tend to ask wild questions, which are not even true about their own lives. In general teenagers like to exaggerate.

If they can teenagers like to play never have I ever as a drinking game. They make up wild questions so everyone has to drink, or look foolish. It’s still fun, but most of these questions would never be answered honestly.

Teenagers like to pose questions so that they lose too. Then everyone has to take a drink, do a dare, or get punished.


  • Never have I ever been to the moon.
  • … shot the sheriff.
  • … robbed a bank.
  • … kicked my dog.
  • … hunted for wild deer.
  • … shot a gun.
  • … seen two people have sex.
  • … kissed a girl.
  • … kissed a boy.
  • … had sex.
  • … driven a car.
  • … stolen money from my older sibling.
  • … told my mom to get out of my room.
  • … told my dad to shut up.
  • … skipped school.
  • … gotten drunk behind the school.
  • … smoked a cigarette.
  • … smoked weed.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Sexual Questions

Never have I ever can be a very sexual game. Often times players pose questions in order to find out something a person’s sexual history. It’s pretty easy to pose these types of questions.


  • Never have I ever had sex.
  • … had sex with someone I don’t like.
  • … had a one night stand.
  • … had sex with multiple people.
  • … had a threesome.
  • … been on birth control.
  • … not used a condom.
  • … been unable to perform.
  • … not remembered the night before.
  • … hooked up with someone I know form high school.
  • … slept with my ex again.
  • … been with someone who’s married.
  • … had an orgasm.
  • … used toys during sex.
  • … had sex while drunk.
  • … had sex while high.
  • … had sex outdoors.
  • … hooked up in a car.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Funny Questions

  • Never have I ever peed myself in bed.
  • … had my leg humped by a dog.
  • … worn clown makeup in public.
  • … worn two different socks when I went out.
  • … had my food stolen by a squirrel.
  • … gotten pooped on by a pigeon.
  • … let my sandwich fall into a puddle of mud.
  • … gotten my pants pulled down in public.
  • … snored so loud I woke up my neighbors.
  • … fallen asleep during sex.
  • … farted in an elevator.
  • … leaned on a stranger’s shoulder when I fell asleep on the bus.
  • … pooped my pants in public.
  • … hit a signpost when I wasn’t looking.
  • … talked to my cat for half an hour when I was drunk.
  • … thought a statue was a real person and apologized for hitting it.

🎲 Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Never have I ever is often played as a drinking game. This is one of the most popular ways to play the game. The rules don’t change, but the people who lose a round have to drink.

The game starts with one person making a statement about something they never did, and the other people react. The people who also didn’t do what the person said are clear, and the ones who did have to take a drink.


  • Never have I ever been bungee jumping.

If seven people are playing, then six have to react to the statement. Out of those six two people did go bungee jumping, and four didn’t. The two people who did go bungee jumping have to take a drink.

🎲 How Do I Play Never Have I Ever?

Never have I ever is an extremely simple game. There are only two rules. The first rule is that one person has to make a statement about something they have never done.

That’s why it’s called never have I ever.


  • Never have I ever gotten into a fight.

The second rule is that people have to react to the statement. There two possible reactions. One is about the people who agree with the statement. Those are the people who also have never done the thing from the statement.

The people who also haven’t ever done the thing are safe for the round. The second group is the people who have done the thing from the statement. These people have to do something that is in the rules.

The people who don’t agree with the statement have to perform a task. This is a rule you have to make up before starting the game. This task can be to take a drink, to do some kind of challenge (like push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, etc.), or a form of light punishment.

Each turn a different person makes a statement, and the other players react. This goes on in circles with a new statement in every turn. There is no way to win, and never have I ever is usually a good game to get to know people.

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