Occupational definition


Occupational (adjective)
this describes something that is related to a job, trade or occupation.

Occupational hazards can be disastrous for a company if the employee decides to claim damages this is why there are prevention strategies to ensure occupational or workplace health and safety.

Occupational guidance is provided by occupational therapists, they encourage their patients to perform daily chores or activities to help their recuperation from mental or physical illnesses.

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โ€บโ€บ occupation
โ€บโ€บ Nouns: occupancy, occupant, occupier, preoccupation, reoccupation
โ€บโ€บ Verbs: Occupy,ย Preoccupy
โ€บโ€บ Adjectives:ย Occupational, Occupiable
โ€บโ€บ Related phrasal verb:ย Occupy with,ย to keep someone occupied
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OFC Meaning ๐Ÿ˜‰- MyEnglishTeacher....
OFC Meaning ๐Ÿ˜‰- MyEnglishTeacher.eu

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