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Occupy (verb)
the verb can have a couple of different meanings:

It can mean to live or reside somewhere:

  • I have been occupying this house my entire life, it holds many special memories for me and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Here are the synonyms:

  • reside
  • live
  • dwell
  • inhabit
  • settle

Or to fill a position in work:

  • “We need a highly skilled designer to occupy the vacant position, we will start interviewing applicants next week” the manager told her staff.

Here are the synonyms:

  • fill
  • employ
  • take up

To take up space and time:

  • Commuting to work every day can occupy a lot of people’s time this is why many people are working from home now.

Here are the synonyms:

  • absorb
  • take
  • keep busy
  • engage
  • hold attention

Finally, to seize control of territory:

  • When military forces try to occupy more and more territory it can cause a lot of tension and unrest.

Here are the synonyms:

  • seize
  • conquer
  • hold
  • invade
  • capture
  • overrun

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