Prefixes of Solution


On first glance, it seems as though there are no prefixes (groups of letters you can add to the beginning of a word that change its meaning) that fit withย solution.

This is because most of the time, the word means an answer to a question. However, there are a couple of prefixes that change the meaning of the word if you add them to the beginning of it.

For example, aย resolution has the prefix re-. This typically means โ€œagainโ€œ; in this case, a resolution is a firm decision or an answer to something.


Some other prefixes that go along with solution include the following:

Dissolution: dis- means not, or the opposite of. Aย dissolution of something is the closing down or ending of something. This often refers to some sort of partnership, whether it be a marriage, business, or some other group.

Irresolution: This word has two prefixes, ir- and re-. Ir- means not, or the opposite of. As a result, anย irresolution is a feeling of hesitance or uncertainty about something, or not being able to come up with an answer to a question.

Absolution: The prefix here is ab-, which means โ€œaway fromโ€. Added on to the beginning of solution, it means a release from guilt, punishment, or responsibility for something. This is often used in a religious context to mean forgiveness for oneโ€™s sins.

Exsolution: The prefix ex- can mean either โ€œout ofโ€, โ€œfromโ€, or โ€œnotโ€, especially when talking about a former status (ex-girlfriend or ex-president). Toย exsolve something means to separate out something from a solution (meaning a mixture of solids and liquids).

Redissolution: As with the example above, there are two prefixes here. The first one is re-, meaning again. The other one is dis-, meaning not. When they are put together, the process ofย redissolution is to dissolve, or mix in a solid in a liquid.

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