Racist definition and synonyms


Synonyms: prejudiced, sectarian, xenophobic, bigoted
Antonyms: impartial, unprejudiced, unbiased, fair

The word Racist means someone of a culture or skin tone believes that they are better someone else from a different culture or skin tone. It is widely seen as a bad thing to be.

The word racist can either be used as a noun, or an adjective.

When racist is a noun, it is used as a label for the type of person who holds the belief that one ethnicity (national origins) is better than another.

As an adjective, racist is used to describe actions or words used with the belief that one ethnicity is superior to others.

Here are a few examples using the word racist as an adjective

Recent police actions across the country are accused of being racist due to increased publicized events where white police officers use excessive force or violence with black US citizens. (adjective)

An old white male was yelling bad things at a Chinese student on the train today. He was yelling that she should go back to her own country and that the Chinese were ruining his country.

I was shocked to hear such racist remarks in public. (adjective)

This is how the word racist can be used as a noun

The presidential candidate is seen as a racist by many people because of his comments on immigrants and people born from in other countries. (noun)

Most would agree that people are not born to be racists, but are instead trained and raised to act and think in those ways by others around them.

If you were to toddlers from similar and different origins in the same crib, there is no evidence to show that they would pick their playmates according to the color of their skin. (noun)

Here’s the word Racist, used in a conversation

Sarah: Hi Joe! How are you today?
Joe: Hi Sarah. Not so good, actually. A man in the street called me “black trashbag”. It made me sad.

Words commonly used in a Racist context

Abbo / Abo
Native Australians, otherwise known as aborigines.

A black person, referring to them as similar to the animal.

An Asian person living in a Western country. A banana is white on the inside and yellow on the outside. Similarly, an Asian’s skin is often a yellow complexion. This word means that they look Asian but act and feel like a white person.

A person of mixed background. Where their parents where from different races, resulting in a brown complexion for their child’s skin.

Dutch people, because the country is famous for cheese.

People of Chinese origin

A poor white person

Darky / Darkie
A person with dark colored skin. For example a black person.

A French person. This word comes from the fact that frogs legs are seen as a delicatessen in France.  Most other European countries do not traditionally eat frogs.

Grease ball / Greaser
Someone from Italy. But it can also mean, people from the Mediterranean area.

An uneducated white person who lives in the country-side, especially in areas with mountains and hills.

A Japanese person

A German person. Originated from the World War because they were known to eat sauerkraut. A dish not commonly eaten in England.

A Lebanese person.

A black person. Seen as connected to the times when Black people were slaves in America. Comes from the Spanish word Negro, which means Black.

Raghead / Towelhead
An Arab or Indian person. Referring to the cloth headdress commonly worn in those areas.

A native American.

Low class white Americans from the Southern States. Comes from the fact that those who worked outside for long hours would get a red neck from being in the sun all day.

An Australian person. Comes from an old TV show about a kangaroo called Skippy.

Spik / Spic
Someone of Hispanic origin.

A black person

An Asian person.

Words Related to Racist

Here are a few more words related to the word racism:

The word Racist, is connected to the third (3) meaning of the word race, as a system to categorize humans.

  • Racial (adjective)
    meaning: In connection to the differences between races.

Compounds & Phrases related to “Racist”

Here are a few compounds & phrases related to the word racist.

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