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what are you doing baby?has a few different meanings. It is commonly used to describe the front of a person’s head, from their forehead to their chin. People have faces and animals have faces.

  • Everyone touch your face.
  • She has a beautiful face.

There are many synonyms for this definition of face, this is the most common.

1. Visage

refers to the proportions of someone’s face or the expression on someone’s face.

  • I could tell from the look in her eyes that there was more behind her visage of cheerfulness.
  • His face has  very sharp angular visage.


synonym for facecan also refers to the outward appearance or expression shown on someone’s face. This definition isn’t about the physical face, as much as it speaks to what one does with it (smiles, frowns). It also just refers to how someone or something looks.

  • I love seeing you with such a happy face.
  • Her face always has a mean look on it.

There are many synonyms that we can use for face when it’s used in this way. Here are some of the most popular.

2. Appearance

refers to how someone or something looks. Appearance can refer to a person or an object.

  • I’m not happy with my appearance today.
  • We are painting the lobby to give the building a more upbeat appearance.
  • You always have such a cheerful appearance.

3. Aspect

can refer to a quality that something has or a particular feature of that thing or person.

  • There was a sinister aspect to the way that he was behaving.
  • There’s always such a fun aspect to her class.

4. Image

refers to a representation of an external form of a person or thing. The word image is often used when speaking about art or pictures.

  • Did you see them image placed on the billboard.
  • They put up a happy image, but there were deep issues within the family.


love face, heartcan also mean the surface of something, especially the surface that is within view. It can refer to a person or an object. When it refers to an object it’s usually a flat surface, like the sides of a cube. When it refers to a person, it often refers to someone being the person who the public associates with a company.

  • They are looking for someone to be the new face of the company.
  • A cube has 6 faces.

This definition of face has many synonyms. Here are some of the most popular.

5. Side

has many definitions, as a synonym to face, it is the flat surface of an object. Objects have more than one side. For example a piece of paper has two sides.

  • Let’s paint this side of the room first.
  • The object of the game is to hit the ball against the side of a wall in a way that does not allow your opponent to hit the ball back.

6. Aspect 

can also refer to a particular part of something. When one is speaking about an aspect of something they aren’t talking about the whole thing, they are only talking about one part. Aspect can, at times,  also be used in place of the word “thing”.

  • What was your favorite aspect of the movie?
  • There’s one aspect of the speech that I think you should revisit.

7. Flank

refers to the left or the right of someone.

  • My team always protects my flank.
  • Post guards to make sure that the enemy does not flank our position.

8. Surface

refers to the outside or uppermost part of something.

  • It would be so cool to walk on the surface of the moon.
  • There’s a scratch on the surface of the table.

9. Plane

is a flat surface that where two straight lines connect to two other points.

  • Make sure the planets in you model are on the same plane.
  • All of the apartments that are on the same floor are also on the same plane. 

10. Facet

refers to one side of something that has many sides. It can refer to an object or a person.

  • I have seen so many different facets of her personality that I don’t know who she really is.
  • A diamond has any facets.


Rhetorical questionscan also mean to confront someone or something.

  • It’s important to face your fears.
  • The two fighters face each other before the fight.

Here are some synonyms for this definition of face.

11. Encounter

means to be faced with something in an unexpected way.

  • We encountered a bear while we were on vacation.
  • Did you encounter anything interesting in the meeting?

12. Experience

refers to practical contact with or observations of events, facts, or people.

  • Going through the haunted house was a  terrifying experience.
  • What the craziest experience that you’ve every had?

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