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can refer to something that is only made from one substance or material. Other substances are not in something that is pure.

  • I can’t believe you gave that to the kids, it’s pure sugar.
  • The label says 100% pure apple juice, but I’m not so sure.

Here are some synonyms for pure.

1. Unadulterated

means to not mix or dilute something  with different or extra elements.

  • The recipe calls for pure unadulterated greek yogurt.
  • You could see the unadulterated fear in his eyes when he saw the monster coming.

2. Uncontaminated

refers to something that is pure and not polluted by anything else.

  • There’s so much pollution in the city, I prefer the uncontaminated mountain air.
  • Make sure the bottle is still sealed, that means it’s uncontaminated.

3. Undiluted

means that something has not been watered down, or weakened. When something is diluted or weakened it’s usually done by adding water. For example if you take half a glass of orange juice and fill the other half of the glass with water, you have diluted the orange juice.

Undiluted can also be used as an adjective to describe how a person feels.

  • Don’t add any water to the mixture, it has to be undiluted.
  • You could see the undiluted love in his eyes when he looked at her.

4. Clean

as a synonym for pure refers to something being free from dirt or pollutants.

  • Make sure the water is clean before you drink it.
  • I have to have pure honey in order to make my face mask.

5. Clear

has many definitions, as a synonym for pure it refers to something that is free from unwanted materials, objects or substances.

  • The crew’s job was to clear the debris from the road.
  • This water isn’t very clear, are you sure it’s clean?

6. Fresh

refers to something being clean and pure, but also being pleasant. When something is fresh it’s cleanliness is nice and gives positive feelings.

  • After a long day working in the coal mines, he felt nice and fresh after his long hot shower.
  • After a long run, the water felt needed and fresh.

7. Sanitary

refers to hygiene, and whether or not something is clean and healthy. This word is usually used when speaking about people or water. Something that is sanitary is clean and healthy. When something is unsanitary, it is not clean and healthy.

  • No one likes public bathrooms, they just look, feel, and smell so unsanitary.
  • It’s sanitary to bathe everyday.


can also mean that something is wholesome  and is not tainted by immorality. This word is used this way often when speaking about sexuality, especially that of a woman. But it doesn’t always have to be sexual, it can also just be used to say that someone is innocent. This word is almost always used in a positive way.

  • He often reminisced about the simplicity and purity of childhood.
  • It was important to her that she stayed pure for her wedding night.

There are many synonyms for this definition of pure, here are some of the most common.

8. Virtuous

speaks to someone having high moral standards.

  • Being a virtuous person was important to him, and affected everything that he did.
  • Everyone in the neighborhood knew of her kind and virtuous nature.

9. Good

can mean many thing, as a synonym to pure it refers to having the desired qualities. In this situation one would strictly adhere to and fulfil the principles of a religion or group.

  • She was a good girl who went to church every Sunday.
  • When he chose to go against the elders his community no longer viewed him in the good light they once had.

10. Righteous

refers to a person who is morally right or justified. This is a positive word, but can sometimes be used in a negative way, by saying that someone is “ acting righteous” in a way that makes others feel bad or less than.

  • People saw her as righteous, not only because of her involvement in her church, but also because of everything she did for her community.
  • I’m tired of her always acting so perfect and righteous.

Sometimes pure will be used just to emphasis something, often an emotion.

  • There was pure hatred in his eyes.
  • He didn’t consider metaphysics a pure science.

11. Uncontaminated

is the most common synonym used when pure is used in this way.

  • He had unadulterated hate in his eyes.
  • Watching her son lose control of his mind, made the mom feel unadulterated sadness.

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