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The word ‘accept’ is a verb with several meanings. You could use the same word in every context for which it has a meaning, but each meaning of the word has several synonyms associated to it.

By using these alternatives, you could make your spoken and written English much more colourful and interesting. Let’s look at some examples.

To consider or hold as true

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘to consider or hold as true’, the following synonyms could be used.

1. embrace

  • Garry was eventually forced to embrace the reality of his situation.

2. acknowledge

  • Petra decided to acknowledge the truth about her age.

3. reconcile

  • The brothers were able to reconcile their differences.

4. evaluate

  • Joseph decided to evaluate his position within the company.

5. observe

  • The student of martial arts must observe the discipline of the training.

6. respect

  • Paula agreed to respect her mother’s wishes.

7. judge

  • The student was not able to judge the information as correct.

8. submit

  • Terry decided to submit to the contents of his father’s will.

9. resign

  • Once Olive decided to resign herself to the impact of her actions, she felt at peace.

10. recognise

  • The politician was not able to recognise the validity of the opposing argument.

11. abide by

  • The boy new he would need to abide by the rules of the game if he wanted to play.

12. espouse

  • The teacher was able to espouse the virtues of the students in his class.

13. honour

  • The businessman agreed to honour the terms of the contract.

14. acknowledge

  • It was not easy for David to acknowledge the truth.

15. know

  • Kerry believed she would know the right man for her when she met him.

16. adopt

  • The new information forced Martin to adopt a different point of view.

17. believe

  • It was easy for the scientist to believe in the power of electricity.

To receive willingly something given or offered

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘to receive willingly something given or offered’, several different synonyms could work.

1. take up

  • Jerry felt compelled to take up the challenge of his opponent.

2. take on

  • Angela was happy to take on the responsibility of caring for the stray cat.

3. receive

  • The actor was proud to receive the award.

4. acquire

  • Julie felt sure that she would acquire new friends during her travels.

5. welcome

  • Ted knew he would welcome the opportunity to work for NASA.

6. take over

  • Helen was keen to take over the role of head teacher.

7. admit

  • The school was willing to admit John to the class.

To give an affirmative reply to, or respond favourably to

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘to give an affirmative reply to, or respond favorably to’, several more synonyms could apply.

1. go for

  • Sometimes when you face a difficult task, you just have to go for it.

2. undertake

  • “I agree to undertake the enterprise.” Julia said.

3. consent

  • Victor gave his consent for the operation to go ahead.

4. knuckle under

  • The workload was intense, but Jason decided to knuckle-under and get it done.

5. countenance

  • Harry gave his specific countenance to the agreement.

6. settle

  • The two parties agreed to settle out of court.

7. yield

  • Secretly, Tanya wanted to yield to Mark’s advances.

8. allow

  • The quizmaster agreed to allow Paul’s response.

9. permit

  • The council decided to permit the building project to proceed.

Admit into a group or community

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘admit into a group or community’, several other synonyms could be used.

1. include

  • The committee were happy to include Lisa in their ranks.

2. take on

  • The drama group wanted to take on new members.

3. admit

  • Every year, the school would admit a new cohort of students.

4. let in

  • The club secretary decided that John should be let in.

Take on as one’s own the expenses or debts of another person

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘take on as one’s own the expenses or debts of another person’, several more synonyms could be employed.

1. assume

  • The company agreed to assume all debts during the takeover.

2. carry the can

  • Dave knew that if he defaulted on the loan, his guarantor would be left to carry the can.

3. bear

  • When Steve lost his job, his wife Emily was left to bear the household expenses.

4. take over

  • Bill was prepared to take over his brother’s gambling debts.

To tolerate or accommodate

When the word ‘accept’ is defined as ‘to tolerate or accommodate’, several different synonyms could be applied.

1. put up

  • Jill had learned to put up with Ian’s habits.

2. live with

  • Tony appreciated that his attitude could be hard to live with.

3. abide

  • There were elements to Trevor’s personality that Penny could not abide.

4. endure

  • Jack had to endure his wife’s cooking.

5. stomach

  • Tony found the situation hard to stomach.

6. swallow

  • Jane knew that the truth would be hard to swallow.

7. suffer

  • Liam was forced to suffer the consequences of losing his job.

8. digest

  • Colin took a while to digest the information.

9. stand

  • Brian could not stand the idea of moving house.

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