13 Most Common Synonyms for Consequence



Refers to the result of something that has happened. Consequence is almost always used in reference to a negative result, however it can be used to refer to any result.

  • Actions have consequences.
  • Failing your test is the consequence for not studying.

Here are some of the most common synonyms for consequence.

1. Result

Means the outcome of something. A result is also the outcome of some sort of experiment or some sort of a collections of facts. It is also a final score of a contest or final score of an exam.

  • What was the result of your experiment?
  • The result of the conversation was the end of the relationship.
  • Were you happy with the result of your test?

2. Upshot

Is the result or outcome of a discussion or conversation. A conversation takes place and the upshot is what has come of it.

  • The upshot of the conversation was that the two companies would merge.
  • Meeting again was the upshot of the conversation.

3. Outcome

Refers to how something turns out. After an event there is always an outcome or a result. It can be positive or negative.

  • The TV show presented an unexpected outcome on it’s season finale.
  • What’s the outcome that you would prefer?

4. Effect

Refers to something changing because of an action. It’s the result or consequence  of something that has happened. It also refers to how something makes someone feel. An action happens and someone feels something. That’s an effect.

  • The plants growing so quickly was the effect of the warmer weather.
  • Music has a calming effect on me.

5. Repercussion

Is an unintended consequence or result that occurs after an action. A repercussion is almost always negative. It is not something that one expected to happen.

  • There have been many repercussions to the new law.
  • We want to avoid repercussions, so try to think of every possible outcome.

6. Ramification

Refers to the result or consequence of an action or event. It’s usually not a good one and it is usually complex. Ramification is often used in its plural form, meaning that multiple ramifications usually happen at once, speaking to its complex nature.

  • The ramifications from the hurricane devastated the community.
  • Do you know what the possible ramifications could be?

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7. Corollary

Is a logical result or consequence of something that happens. It’s kind of like a domino effect. It’s the end result of something.

  • The corollary of the low unemployment rate is a booming economy.
  • Students having higher marks was the corollary of the extra resources schools have recently been given.

8. Concomitant

Means that two things go together. Doing one thing naturally results in something else happening. It’s important to note that it doesn’t have to be a proven fact that two things go together, someone just has to think the two things are associated with each other.

  • Many people view getting the flu as a concomitant of fluctuating weather.
  • The couple believed that having date night was clearly concomitant of their relationship improving.

9. Consequence

Can also mean that something is important and relevant. A lot of times consequence is used to say that something is not relevant.

  • The interview that he gave to the newspaper was of great consequence to the investigation.
  • The comment that was made was of no consequence to how we will move forward.

Here are some of the most often used synonyms for this definition of consequence.

10. Importance or Import

Means that something has a lot of value or is significant.

  • I find the importance of your opinion extremely high.
  • I think you overvalue your importance in this situation.
  • His answers to the questions are of great import.
  • Which  is of the greatest import?

11. Significance

Means that something is important enough to get attention.

  • The scientist are studying the significance of global warming on melting icebergs.
  • I’m not sure if there is much significance in what was said.

12. Substance

Has many meanings, in the case of being a synonym for consequence it means that something is important, valid, or significant.

  • I don’t think he is a man of substance.
  • The treaty was lacking real substance, which is what made it ineffective.
  • There was a lot of substance in the plan.

13. Prominence

Refers to someone or something being powerful or important, famous, or having influence.

  • He came to prominence in an embarrassing way.
  • She is one of the most prominent women in her field. 

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