11 Synonyms for Hatred: Contempt, Abomination, Antipathy, Loathing, Distaste,…


Hatred is a noun that has been used for centuries. When we hear this word, for most of us it is used in situations to express a deep and extreme dislike. 

In most cases, the word hatred is linked with emotions of and feelings of anger, hostility, and distrusted of individuals, groups, objects, behaviors, religious ideals, or ideas.


Extreme dislike for something, someone, groups, beliefs and ideas.

His hatred for his current workplace, I am really concerned for him.

Contextual Synonyms: 

1. Loathing

Strong dislike for something, someone of someplace

His self-loathing was more than anyone could accept.

2. Detestation

Extreme and intense dislike for a person or thing.

I have a detestation shell fish since I was a child.

3. Distaste

Mild dislike. This would be a weaker for of hatred and to match the intensity we would modify this with extreme, severe, strong.

He had  extreme distaste for anyone who disagrees with his position.

4. Abhorrence

A feeling of repulsion; disgusted loathing. 

He was filled with abhorrence when he found out what happened.

5. Abomination 

Something that causes disgust, extreme dislike or feeling of hatred.

Donald’s view on people’s rights is an abomination to this institution.

6. Aversion

Something some avoids or has hostility towards.

He has a strong aversion to people who are racist.

7. Ill-will

Has no goodwill towards or strong dislike.  This is usually directed towards a person or group.   

The politician had a lot of ill-will towards lawmakers who didn’t support his ideas.

8. Animosity

Strong hostility or bad feeling.

Her animosity towards her husband’s actions went away with time.

9. Antipathy

A deep-bad feeling of dislike for something, someplace or someone.

Fred had found his friend to have racial antipathy for almost everyone different than himself.

10. Revulsion

A feeling of disgust for something, someone or someplace or idea.

The people of city had a revulsion to the idea of increasing taxes so that politicians could get an increase in pay.

11. Contempt

The feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or belittling.

He had a lot of contempt for his teammates.

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