10 Most Common Synonym for Possible



Means that something can happen, it is able to be done, it is within reach. It doesn’t mean that it will happen, it means that there is not a reason it cannot happen.

  • Is it possible for us to meet later today?
  • It is possible for the company to grow faster than expected.

There are many synonyms for possible, here are some of the most widely used.

1. Feasible

Like possible means that something can happen. It doesn’t mean it will happen, just that  it’s possible. When something is feasible it’s reasonably easy to accomplish.

  • Would meeting in one week be feasible?
  • It is not feasible to finish the presentation within the original time frame.

2. Practicable

Means that something is able to be done in a successful way.

  • It’s a practicable expectation for me to think that he will be there on time.
  • Here’s the list of what I think is practicable to get done by the end of the day.

3. Practical 

Refers to something actually being able to be carried out or done. It’s not just a matter of it being possible, but also a matter of it being useful. When something is practical, then it is possible and also useful. Although whether something is useful is a matter of opinion.

  • It might be possible for us to carry out this project, but I’m not sure it’s practical.
  • I want to make sure that the ideas we come up with are practical.

4. Viable

Like feasible means that something is able to be done successful. It’s a little more than something being possible. When something is viable it is possible, and also relatively able to be done or likely to happen. When something is viable it means that it will work.

  • We have now come to the conclusion that this is no longer a viable solution.
  • Make sure that you choose a viable career path.

5. Attainable or Achievable 

Means that something can be achieved, or that something can be done. It means that something is within reach.

  • Successfully providing driverless cars that millions can use is an attainable goal.
  • He never dreamed that so much success would be attainable.
  • Many wonder if completely removing the problem is achievable.
  • Is getting this done by the end of the week achievable?

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6. Workable or Doable

Refers to something that can be made into what is desired or wanted. It may not be exactly what is wanted at the moment, but with a little bit of work it can be made into or manipulated into being what is desired.

  • The plan that we were given is workable.
  • Both sides came together and made an outline for a workable agreement.
  • Getting everyone together so quickly isn’t doable.
  • I’ve decided that running the marathon this year isn’t doable for me.

7. Conceivable 

Means that something can be imagined or that someone can see it happening. When something is conceivable it can’t be completely in someone’s imagination, there has to some kind of plan on how it can happen.

The plan doesn’t have to be far along, but there has to be a general outline of how something can happen.

  • A hundred years ago it wasn’t conceivable that humans could go to the moon. 
  • Being the dominant company in our industry is now truly conceivable.

8. Plausible 

Means that something can be done and it is likely to work. Plausible goes a step further than possible. Possible just means something can happen, plausible means that something is likely to happen.  

  • It’s plausible for us to get everything done tonight.
  • Is winning the election actually plausible for him?

9. Imaginable

Means that something is thought to be possible or thought to be believed. If something is imaginable it may just be an idea. It doesn’t have to be completely or even generally thought out. It just has to be able to be seen in someone’s mind.

  • This has made my wildest dreams imaginable come through.
  • We have to think about not what’s just imaginable, but what’s possible.

10. Believable

Means that  someone can think that something can happen or has happened. As a synonym to possible, it also means that something is credible. It means that one can think that something can get done.

  • At this point it’s not believable that we will meet our original deadline.
  • What you’re saying doesn’t sound believable.

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