15 Most Common Synonyms for Gain



Simply means to get something. If you have gained something then it is now yours. You own it. It can also be used to say that one has received more of something they already have. Gain can be used in both a positive and negative way.

  • I gained a new friend today.
  • It looks like you’ve gained a few pounds.

There are many synonyms for gain, here are some of the most popular.

1. Obtain

Just like gain means to get something. When something is obtained it now belongs to you.

  • After this class I will finally obtain my master’s degree.
  • What knowledge have you obtained after doing this job for three years.

2. Get 

Means that one has something. It is theirs, it belongs to them. Get means that something changes hand.

  • Please get the milk from the refrigerator.
  • I would like to get in better shape.

3. Secure 

Means that something is fixed and fastened to something else. When something is secure it will not become loose or become lost. Secure can be used to say that something is gained, in this case it would be gained in a very fixed or definite way.

  • I am hoping to secure a new job.
  • Please make sure that the car seat is secured.

4. Acquire

Means to obtain or get something. Acquire is often used when something is obtained by buying it or if the thing that is obtained is valuable.

  • The small business has been acquired by a much larger company.
  • I have acquired  a new home.

5. Procure

Means to get something. When something is procured it usually took some effort to get it. This is often used when talking about business. Procured is usually used when talking about something physical.

  • We need to procure twice as many tables and chairs for the event.
  • Have you procured the event space?

6. Attain

Means one has been able to get or obtain something.

  • I was able to attain another ticket to the concert.
  • We are working on attaining an additional floor in the building.

7. Achieve

Means to successfully reach a goal or desired result.

  • He finally achieved his goal of becoming a doctor.
  • The company was able to achieve a successful quarter.

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8. Earn 

Refers to someone getting paid for a service or work that they performed. This is almost always used when talking about money, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • She earns a good living as a computer programmer.
  • The organization is earning a lot of positive recognition for the work that they do.

9. Garner

Means to gather or collect something. It’s taking something from one place or one person and giving it to another.

  • If you don’t pay your taxes the government will garner your wages.
  • Investigators are garnering evidence.

10. Capture 

Refers to taking something by force. When something is captured it is not given freely.

  • I captured the other team’s flag and won the game for my team.
  • The criminal fled to avoid capture by the police.

11. Clinch

Means to secure something. When something is clinched it is settled. This word is often used to say that someone has won something.

  • Our team clinched the game by scoring the second goal.
  • We clinched the business deal by giving an amazing presentation.


an also refer to an increase of something, in particular wealth.

Here are some synonyms for this definition of gain.

12. Profit 

Refers to the difference between the amount of money earned and the amount spent. When there is profit the amount earned is more than the amount spent. In other words money is made, or money was gained.

  • We generated a little more profit than expected this year.
  • I don’t want to profit from someone else’s pain.

13. Advantage

As a synonym to gain means the opportunity to obtain, benefit and profit from something. When someone or something has an advantage they have more than they had or they have more than their opponent.

  • The new player gave the team a huge advantage.
  • We have an opportunity to gain market share and I want to take advantage of the situation.

14. Benefit 

Simply means you get something positive. If something benefits you, then it’s something that is good for you.

  • I have really benefited from having you as a study partner.
  • I don’t see the benefit in doing this.

15. Reward 

Refers to someone getting something as a result of something that they did. This word is almost always used in a positive way, but can also be used in a negative way. When used in a negative way it is often in a sarcastic tone. 

  • The mother gave her child ice cream as a reward for getting good grades.
  • I stayed up all night working and this is my reward. I should have just gone to bed.

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