Synonyms for Said: Disclosed, Communicated, Declared,…


Synonyms for Said

Communication is an essential part of our daily lives. We ourselves communicate,
and others communicate to us through words, but also through gestures, facial
expressions, body language, writings, texts, media, etc.

Especially today, in an age of technology and instant communication, more than ever people are sharing what they think and saying what they want when they want with the most liberty.

It’s understandable why you would look for synonyms, or other ways of saying, the
word “said”, or “says”. “Said” is the past-tense of “says”. So, we would use it if we are recalling or repeating something someone said at a previous time.

For example:

  • “My doctor said my health has been improving over the last few

To use “said”, means someone was simply speaking, or talking. Of course, we know
there are various ways of speaking, right?

We could SHOUT! We could whisper… We could speak, loud, low, fast, slow, carefully, carelessly, angrily, lovingly, and the list goes on, and there is a way of describing each and every type of manner spoken.

However, “said” is more general. It means the words were simply spoken or
declared. Below are a few synonyms you could use for “said” as well as examples of how you can add some descriptors.

To speak words.

Words spoken in the past.

Something said with certainty and conviction.

  • The politician passionately declared the changes he promised to bring about.
  • I declared I would have to move out of my flat by the end of the month.

To share secret information.

  • I felt our friendship tighten, when Ana disclosed this personal experience
    with me.
  • The journalist only said she would not reveal who disclosed the confidential
    story to her.

To talk about something with others.

  • We were both angry, but we discussed the matter in a cordial and polite
  •  I’ve discussed music and literature more times than I can remember in this
    famous jazz club.

To casually talk with others.

  • We chatted over coffee and pastries during our work break.
  • I love the way my dad chats with me when we have time to spend together.

To share information.

  • I communicated my personal opinions to my manager about how this
    department was running.
  • My boyfriend communicated his sincere admiration for my determination when I completed my first running marathon.

To say or refer to something briefly.

  • I was surprised my mom didn’t mention how dirty my flat was when she
    came to visit.
  • She tried not to mention how much she missed her family during the
    holidays, because it would only maker her more homesick.

To share an opinion or attitude.

  • The student voiced his opinion of how unfair the teacher was managing the
  • The citizens voiced their extreme dissatisfaction with the local government
    through protests.

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