30 Synonyms of Good: Kind, Fine, Lovely,…


Good is a simple word, and one of the first we learn to use in English. It’s a basic word, but it is commonly used, and it is powerful.

We use good to compliment others, to describe something fantastic, to comment on delicious food, to praise work, ambition, or someone’s personality, among other uses.

However, the more we grow in our vocabulary, the more we can substitute basic words, like “good”, for more colorful, diverse words. The objective of having a wider vocabulary is to better express ourselves in a more precise, specific way.

To change our thoughts and feelings into words in a way we feel confident about. Maybe our food isn’t just “good”, but decadent. Maybe our spouse isn’t just a “good” person, but an inspiring person.

Here are a few synonyms you can practice and use to diversify your language to better reflect your colorful thoughts and feelings into words.

Good actually has two uses:

1. Good is used as an adjective, used to describe something.

  • I’m ready for a good, long run tomorrow morning.
    • (Good describes the run)
  • My husband and I are fans of good wine.
    • (Good describes the wine)
  • My education and experience taught me to be a good teacher.
    • (Good describes the kind of teacher I am)

2. Good is also used as a noun, which is a thing, object, or idea.

  • What good will it do me?
    • (Good is used as a benefit; so it’s asking, “What benefit will it have on me?”)
  • Has the company purchased the goods yet?
    • (Goods is used as a product, or something that can be bought)
  • There is good in everyone.
    • (Good is used as a quality that everyone has)

Synonyms of Good as an Adjective:


Used to describe something that is approved or fits a role

1. Fine

Used to describe something that is high quality.

  • This is a fine meal because of the high quality grass-fed, organic beef.
  • Harvard University offers one of the finest educations in the world.
  • The dress is made from a fine, rare silk that is valued at a very high price.

2. Sound

Used to describe something good and thorough.

  • The intelligent linguistics professor has a complex, sound mind.
  • It was a clean, sound surgery, removing the tumor completely.
  • Now this is a sound meal- containing lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.

3. Proper

Used to describe something appropriate or suitable.

  • You’ve had a hard day, so let’s replace that weak drink with a proper glass of strong liquor.
  • He’s a proper doctor; he always follows protocol and takes his time with each patient.
  • A proper soup might be needed to heal this flu virus I’m suffering from.

4. Convenient

Used to describe something that is easy, accessible, and fits in well with a person’s plans or needs.

  • The London tube system is an incredibly convenient service; it’s easy to get anywhere in the city quickly.
  • Working from home, is a convenient option my workplace allows, so I can get more work done in an environment I’m comfortable in.
  • The airplane’s Wi-Fi makes working while I travel so convenient.

5. Sturdy

Used to describe something solid, balanced, well built, with a good foundation.

  • This futbol team is doing extremely well in the championships, because they have a team of sturdy, young athletes.
  • The architecture of the new hospital was praised for its sturdy, yet beautiful structure.
  • My family has the reputation for breeding sturdy, fast horses.


Used to describe something moral

6. Righteous

Used to describe something or someone morally good.

  • The politician is trying his best to maintain honest and righteous despite mounting pressures to do otherwise.
  • The righteous doctors went to volunteer in a refugee camp for six months during the epidemic.
  • The justice system is not a perfect, righteous system, but it was created with pure intentions.

7. Upright

Used to describe something or someone honest or honorable.

  • My grandmother always strived to be an upright woman, never lying or judging others for their mistakes.
  • The upright citizen makes a point to always pay his taxes on time, and take care of his local community.
  • I try to watch just upright television, and to stay away from nonsense, trash TV.

8. Virtuous

Used to describe something or someone with high moral standards

  • She tried to live a virtuous life, and stay away from harmful habits, like smoking.
  • Many parents in the community send their kids to a local private school that teaches virtuous qualities to students.
  • I am not a religious person, but I adhere to a strict, virtuous lifestyle that brings others and myself happiness.

9. Kind

Used to describe someone who is good, loving, compassionate, and/or caring.

  • The students loved their kind teacher because she always made an effort to show how much she cared for them.
  • We all need a friend who is kind, that we can confide in and go to when we are in need of help, advice, or compassion.
  • The kind man volunteered every Saturday to help feed the poor and homeless in his community.


Used to describe something enjoyable.

10. Pleasant

Used to describe something happy or enjoyable.

  • The pleasant music the man played from his apartment, spilled out the window onto the streets, bringing joy to all the people who heard it.
  • We had a pleasant candle-lit dinner last night with our closest friends and family.
  • She has a beautiful, pleasant smell of gardenia and magnolias that she carries with her from her perfume.

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11. Delightful

Used to describe something charming and enjoyable.

  • The couple had a delightful honeymoon in Positano, Italy, with beautiful weather, food, and scenery.
  • I came across a delightful secret garden in the middle of the city.
  • We’ve had delightful, mild, sunny weather this summer, and I’m loving every moment of it.

12. Pleasurable

Used to describe something that gives pleasure or enjoyment.

  • For me, cozying up by a fireplace and reading a good book is a pleasurable way of spending an evening.
  • I’ve been prepping all day to make my fiancé a pleasurable Italian meal.
  • The best way for my dad to relieve stress is by going on a long, pleasurable run.

13. Lovely

Used to describe something pleasant, pleasing, nice, or pretty.

  • Everyone could notice the girl had a lovely personality, always smiling, laughing, and open to new ideas.
  • We had a lovely time at the coast, watching the sun rise and set on the ocean’s horizon.
  • He brought her a bouquet of lovely, colorful flowers on their anniversary date.

14. Fantastic

Used to describe something extraordinarily good.

  • The firework display was a fantastic show with an array of colors, patterns, and surprises.
  • Being present at the final match of the World Cup championship was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.
  • We shared a fantastic seven-course meal at the winery in Mendoza, Argentina, made up of decadent meats, cheeses, vegetables, and desserts.


Used to describe something satisfactory.

15. Efficient

Used to describe something that works well, in a simple, organized manner.

  • The company is planning to replace the workload with computers and machines to make the work flow more efficient.
  • Society is searching for more energy-efficient solutions so humans don’t waste energy unnecessarily.
  • I’ve created a very efficient daily routine, that gives me time to work, go to the gym, and spend time with family and friends.

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16. Substantial

Used to describe something that has a good amount of importance, value, or worth.

  • I’m happy with my new job because it offers a substantial salary and great benefits.
  • My running group and I ran a substantial number of miles today, exceeding any amount we’ve done before.
  • Our company has seen a substantial amount of growth in profits.


Used to describe food.

17. Delicious

Used to describe something that tastes enjoyable.

  • My mom always makes the most delicious food.
  • We shared a delicious meal.
  • I love watching cooking shows to learn new, delicious recipes.

18. Tasty

Used to describe a pleasant flavor.

  • I could go for some tasty fresh, fruit right now.
  • This water has a refreshing, tasty flavor.
  • What a tasty meal!

19. Savory

Used to describe food that is salty or spicy.

  • Can we go out for some savory Korean kimchi?
  • I’ll never forget the savory Mexican street tacos we had while in Oaxaca.
  • Poutine is a delicious, savory Quebecois dish that I tried while in Montréal.

20. Succulent

Used to describe food that is juicy and tasty.

  • While in Portugal, friends roasted an incredibly succulent pig for the occasion of our visit.
  • Mango is a beautiful, succulent fruit.
  • At the bistro, we ordered a tender, succulent duck, cooked to perfection.

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21. Decadent

Used to describe food that is luxurious or indulgent.

  • The triple chocolate cake was a decadent pleasure.
  • The wedding meal was a decadent experience.
  • Portland is known for it’s diverse, decadent cuisine offered throughout the city.

Synonyms for Good as a Noun:


A righteousness.

22. Virtue

A behavior or quality of high moral standards.

  • Honesty is a precious virtue.
  • There is virtue in living your life based on what you believe is right.
  • The virtue of completing a running marathon, is knowing you tried your best.

23. Morality

A standard of values or principles.

  • Sometimes there is a difference in morality among different generations.
  • The criminal has a corrupt sense of morality.
  • There are arguments of the morality of the possession of military weapons.

24. Integrity

The quality or state of being whole, or having high moral standards.

  • Uphold your integrity, even in moments of doubt or discouragement.
  • The fine soldier is known being a man of integrity.
  • The company’s public values include having a business of integrity.


A benefit.

25. Advantage

A condition that puts something in a superior position. 

  • There is an advantage to starting your day early; you get more things done earlier in the day.
  • Completing college can give you an advantage in the job market.
  • Lifting weights has an advantage over just cardio because you burn more fat calories.

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26. Profit

The gain of something worth value.

  • The company’s profits have decreased since the start of the recession.
  • How will your business earn a profit if you don’t increase prices?
  • My vegetable stand at the farmer’s market made me some substantial profits this weekend.

27. Gain

The profit or increase of something.

  • It was a big gain for the team to win the championship.
  • Reading all of those books during college was a personal gain for me.
  • There is a gain to living life as an honest, honorable person.


A possession.

28. Merchandise

Products that are bought and sold.

  • The market keeps their food merchandise up-to-date and always presentable.
  • The merchandise exported from the foreign country was delivered on time.
  • Commercial merchandise is a giant part of the global economy.

29. Product

A thing that is manufactured or prepared for sale.

  • The products I find at the farmer’s market are of greater quality because they are natural and organic.
  • Make-up products fuel the beauty industry, but it’s important to value natural beauty too.
  • The company’s products are now being sold in five different countries, since the company’s expansion.

30. Commodity

A useful or valuable product that can be bought, sold, or traded.

  • Oil is a valued commodity in today’s world and global economy.
  • My time is the most precious commodity in my life, and I try not to waste it unnecessarily.
  • The country’s hottest commodities are beef and grains; their economy depends on these two products.

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