24 Synonyms of Learn: Discover, Understand, Master,…


If you are learning English, one of the first words you may learn, is in fact, “learn.” We live in an age of limitless information that is more accessible than ever, making learning a natural part of our day-to-day lives.

Regardless of age, background, or experience, we have an almost infinite access to learning a new instrument, mastering a cooking recipe, auditing a university course, or practicing a new language, if we so choose.

Because learning is an integral part of our lives, it would make sense for us to have some options when we use the word.

Synonyms can come in handy for this. Synonyms are different words with similar meanings. For example, smart and intelligent are synonyms because they are different words, but the definitions are similar.

Below is a list of handy synonyms for the word “learn”, depending on how you choose to use or apply it.


A verb, meaning to acquire, study, experience, or master knowledge, information, or a skill.

  • I’m traveling to Mexico to learn more about my family’s history and culture.
  • The students learned the dense math formula through the patience of their teacher.
  • Coding has become a skill that many believe is necessary for everyone to learn.
  • My mother is a linguistics professor, but she understands that her profession is a continuous learning cycle.

Synonyms of Learn:

1. Discover

To find or become aware of something new.

  • As anthropologists, we’ve traveled many miles to discover new information of this prehistoric civilization.

2. Understand

To perceive information, to sort through information in a way that your mind can grasp.

  • The boy was beginning to understand why his parent’s rules were actually beneficial to him.

3. Comprehend

To mentally understand or grasp information.

  • It’s important to comprehend travel laws before you travel to a new, foreign country.

4. Master

To become proficient, highly skilled, or an expert at a skill or subject.

  • The sushi chef has worked his entire life, tirelessly to master the art of his work, and the build his reputation.

5. Determine

To decide or sort through information.

  • As you read the story, use your literary notes to determine what are the major themes of the novel.

6. Read

Understanding or inspecting printed information.

  • I’ve studied and read many maps to better understand the natural geography and landscape of my home country.

7. Review

To examine, study, or inspect something again to better understand it.

  • Before an important exam, I always take time to review my notes, textbooks, and professor’s lectures to refresh my mind.

8. Study

To examine or inspect something carefully to better understand it.

  • With my study group, we help each other study all of the important facts and details for the anatomy course.

9. Memorize

To study or think of something carefully, imprinting it in your memory, so you do not forget it.

  • Since I’ve begun living in Brazil, now I am finally memorizing more Portuguese because I practice it everyday.

10. Absorb

To soak something up, like acquiring new information; like a sponge absorbs liquid, the brain can absorb information.

  • I take careful notes when I go to technology conferences, and study the new ideas later to better absorb the information I acquired.

11. Digest

To slowly sort through information or deeply soak up information; digest means for your body to process food and gather nutrients from it, so digesting information is gathering and processing the information.

  • As a publisher, I select the books to preview, and take my time reading and analyzing them so I really digest the major themes and perspectives of the writer.

Synonym Expressions of Learn:

12. Become able

You become able when your ability or skill to do something grows.

  • As you train for the running marathon, in the beginning your miles will be low, but in time, you’ll become able to run the long distances without stopping.

13. Become aware

You become aware when your mind opens to a new idea or you learn of something new.

  • I’ve become aware of the corruption of politics as I dig deeper into different media and news sources.

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14. Brush up on

To review or refresh a skill you already have.

  • I used to be a great salsa dancer, but I really need to brush up on my skills before the performance I volunteered for next week.

15. Get the hang of

When your ability to do something grows.

  • He’s beginning to get the hang of collaborating with his colleagues only over direct messaging as he works from home now.

16. Get the knack of

When your ability to do something grows.

  • The intern at the news station is getting the knack of the fast-paced work environment, and is learning to embrace the daily work stress.

17. Find out

Learning something new.

  • If our teacher doesn’t know the answer to a question, she always promises to find out, and later lets us know.

18. Familiarize oneself with

When you are beginning to learn and understand something new, to the point you feel comfortable/confident with it

  • It’s always fun being in a new city and familiarizing oneself with the different neighborhoods and local customs.

19. Take in

To acquire or obtain new knowledge.

  • The dense chemistry course was initially a lot to take in, but recording my professor’s lectures and reviewing them later has helped.

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Synonyms of Learn, that means figuratively picking up new knowledge:

20. Acquire

To obtain, or get something.

  • I’ve acquired new knowledge regarding my inheritance.

21. Attain

To reach or achieve something.

  • Create a plan, to decide how you’re going to attain this complex new skill.

22. Get

To obtain something.

  • At first, I didn’t understand this Semantics class at all, but now, after studying so much, I’m beginning to get it.

23. Pick up

To get, lift, or retrieve something.

  • Skateboarding will take a while to pick up, but it’s easier with a lot of practice.

24. Grasp

To hold or clutch something.

  • The teacher told the students to follow along carefully, and pay attention if they want to grasp the next lesson.

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