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The process of of putting food or liquid in cold, for the purpose of preserving or chilling them.

  • We used refrigeration so that we are able to keep our soup longer.

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Is a structure that supports the lateral pressure of an arch or span that is at the end  of a bridge.

  • We use an abutment to add strength to the bridge.

Refers to a large systematic plan or arrangement that involves putting ideas or objects into effect. It is essentially a very detailed systematic plan that is used for large projects.

  • Do you have the design scheme for the second floor?

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Smply refers to equipment that is used for a specific purpose. In the case of engineering that equipment often involves machinery. It can refer to tools, or to parts of a machine that makes something go slower or faster.

  • Please make sure the machine is on the proper gear so that we get the correct outcome.

Means to create the rate of speed. This can refer to anything, it is often used to refer to machinery, for example it is used when speaking about  motor vehicles.

  • Be careful while using this machine on this part of the house. You will want to avoid unnecessary acceleration.

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Means to change or transform something into something else.

  • If you put water in the freezer you can watch the conversion process of liquid turning into a solid.

Refers to a method of digging up or unearthing something. This is used in archaeology, and it is also used when building new structures.

  • During the excavation process we will have to not only remove dirt, but also rocks, trees, and any vegetation that is in the way.

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Refers to a light or energy or heat that is emitted from waves.

  • This machine radiate a lot of heat, be careful.

Is a mechanism that usually has rings that are situated at right angles. They are used to keep things such as compasses or chronometers horizontal when an  aircraft or vessel is moving.

  • A gimbal is one of the most important devices on any plane.

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Refers to a specific order that movements, events, or things are arranged or follow each other. A sequence can be planned or unplanned. It is simply the order that events take place.

  • In order to build a house, there is a certain sequence of events that need to happen.

Refers to adding an accessory or component after something has already been manufactured. This is often done to make something old be updated. This happens a lot with cars.

  • The family is retrofitting their bathroom.

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Refers to a mechanism or a machine that operates by liquid, in most cases water, or oil moving in a confined space under pressure.

Is a device that is used in a laboratory, mostly to display and analyze  electronic signals. It will then draw the signals on a graph showing the signal voltage in real time.

  • Our laboratory uses an oscilloscope to view how much direct current is flowing out of the machine.

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Refers to the maximum height something can reach. It can also refer to the maximum height that a vibration or escalation can be measured. All of the heights are measured from equilibrium.

  • What is the amplitude of the wave?

Is when a lever is at rest or when it’s supported by the device it will pivot on.  It’s just the place or point that a lever or something similar  is set so that it will be  able to pivot.

  • The man uses a fulcrum to place his camera on, in order to get all of the angles of the land.

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Means to drive or push something forward.

  • There is an extra gear that helps send the plane into propulsion.

Refers to the process of burning something. This is most commonly used in burning fossil fuels to make energy. It is also used to speak to something that creates some sort of explosion by something being burned.

  • How does a cars combustion engine work?

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Refers to using gas, like radon to move something. This also can refer to something being able  to hold compressed air.

  • The students were challenge to create devices that had pneumatic systems.

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