Want to make sure this makes sense, creating a tongue twister


Fooling a flimflam is fooling a flimflam


Fooling a flimflam is flimflamming a flimflam


Guster Goosed A Goose With Great Gusto

The first two do not make sense, grammar wise.

Flimflam is a verb that means to swindle, so that looks to be used correctly.


However, the noun form of the word flimflam means a sort of insincere and nonsensical talk. It does not make sense to “fool a flimflam” or “flimflam a flimflam” as a discussion or talk cannot be fooled. It would be better to replace that with another word.

As for the last tongue twister, this is a good one! It is funny and grammatically correct!

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