What Does FML Mean?


If you are feeling terrible, you might say to your friend, “FML!” Or, they might text it to you. If you’re unsure what this means, I would highly recommend not using it especially in texts unless someone tells you to!

FML stands for: F$*% my life

If you are having a really terrible day, you might feel bad. This is perfectly natural. You don’t have to hide your feelings, especially when you talk with your friends. Instead, if they ask you how your day was, you can be honest. Describe what your day looked like – and then, if you have a big problem with it, you can add FML at the end.

When you use this texting abbreviation, you are acknowledging or drawing attention to the fact that there is something terrible happening in your life. You are very displeased and would rather have almost anything else.

You are also likely very angry. Something may be unfair to you, or it could just have been ruined due to bad luck. Either way, there is something specific you are discouraged, mad, and / or quite annoyed with.


The phrase FML is almost always used as a stand alone phrase. It is not a part of another sentence, or an adjective that describes something. Instead, it is for complaining or expressing disappointment.

Most of the time, you would use this in texting. It is sometimes used in speech (each letter is pronounced separately, as in eff emm elle), and often accompanied by an eye roll. This is especially useful if you want to emphasize how difficult it is to get everything to work perfectly in your life.


Note that FML is usually added to the end of a short story. It emphasizes how bad your luck has been, or all the problems you have to deal with.

I just keep having problems with my visa. First the office, then my university, and then I get locked out of my dorm because of it! FML

First, I fell when I went to greet my blind date. Then, my pants got caught in the fence and ripped when I tried to stand up! All this before I even got to shake her hand. FML!

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