15 Idioms For Going Crazy That Will Help You Go Crazy Other Ways


Do you ever feel like you are going crazy? Is it your colleagues that drive you crazy, or is it a noisy neighbour? You might have your hands full with too much work and too short a time to complete it. Or you may be stuck in a traffic jam and late for a job interview.

Below you will see some of the most common English idioms you can use when feeling angry, frustrated or irritated with something.

Idioms for Going Crazy

1. go bananas

  • I’ll go bananas if you ask me that question one more time.

2. go nuts

  • We’ve got so many complaints today, I think I’ll go nuts.

3. lose it

  • When Erica asked Tim to leave, he just lost it and started shouting at her.

4. go mental

  • Have you gone mental? Why do you keep arguing with the boss? You’ll get fired.

5. freak out

  • Mum, don’t freak out! I’ve just crashed the car.

6. go bonkers

  • When I was told to wait for another hour, I just went absolutely bonkers.

7. go berserk

  • The crowd went berserk when they were told that all the flights had been cancelled.

8. blow one’s top

  • I think he’ll blow his top when you give him the news.

9. fly off the handle

  • My dad flies off the handle anytime someone mentions politics.

10. hit the ceiling/ hit the roof

  • I can’t be late. My parents will hit the roof.

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11. go ballistic

  • My new neighbours throw parties every night. It just makes me go ballistic.

12. go off the deep end

  • I’ll go off the deep end if I get fired because of someone else’s mistake.

13. blow up

  • When I saw the look on Helen’s face, I just knew she’d blow up.

14. pop one’s cork

  • I have something to tell you. Please, don’t pop your cork.

15. go ape

  • Susie will go ape if she ever hears about it.

Unfortunately, getting angry is part of our everyday lives. I hope that enriching your vocabulary will help you make light of your problems. And to forget about all your problems, check out these fun idioms you can use when you’re really happy. Keep learning and let us know if you have any questions.

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