What does Fam mean?



Fam is a pretty simple word you may have heard from other people speaking, in
music, or on social media.
In short, fam means family.

However, it can be used to describe something or someone who is close like family,
but not actually blood-related.

It is considered English slang, so it’s more often used in informal settings, with close
friends or family.

What’s up fam!
No one understands me like my fam.

It can also be used to describe a group or crowd that you feel connected to. For
example, on social media, you might see a hashtag like #fitfam or #foodiefam.

This would refer to the people who share that common interest.
Like #fitfam would be used to connect with other people who live healthy, fit lives.

“Who else is hitting the gym during the holidays? #fitfam”

#Foodiefam would be used to connect with other people who are “foodies,” people
who enjoy trying new and interesting foods.

 “About to try fried crickets for the first time! #foodiefam #streetfood”

These are just a couple of examples, but you can get as creative as you want with
fam; it’s an example of the evolving English language!

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