Synonyms for Depression: Misery, Despair, Gloom, Dent, Dejection,…


Synonyms for Depression

“Depression” is a word we hear often, because it can be used in different ways. The
word “depression” has three major definitions.

1. Depression

A feeling of extreme unhappiness or discouragement.

  • My mother went through a depression after my father’s death.

2. Depression

A severe economic recession; when an economy is suffering.

  • The Great Depression in the United States was a difficult time to find
    work, and support a family.

3. Depression

Something that is pushed down, sunken, or hollow on the

  • We were planning to build a house on this property, but now we have
    noticed a big depression on the land, that might lead to flooding.

Below are a few synonyms to this commonly used word, depression, and examples
of how to use them, so you can start practicing them today!

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1. Depression

Feeling an extreme sadness.

  • The woman felt dejected after her beloved dog died.
  • After the events of the previous day, I woke up feeling an extreme dejection.

Feeling emotionally low of hope or confidence.

  • I want to have hope, but after 12 rejection letters, I’m beginning to feel a
    merciless despondency.
  • Together, with love and support, we’ve gotten past the moment of despondency after last year’s events.

Completely being without hope.

  • Do not despair; you need to have hope for each and every day!
  • The music had so much despair to the tune and melody.

Feeling emotional darkness.

  • Walking through that dark, thick forest, I couldn’t help but feel a kind of
    gloom being there alone.
  • It was a rainy, dark, gloomy day, but sometimes, those are my favorite.

Not having hope.

  • It’s true, after a certain amount of rejections, I began to feel hopeless, but now
    in retrospect, I see the benefits of the situation.
  • Hopelessness will benefit no one if you let it consume you.

A physical, mental, or emotional distress.

  • There was so much misery during the war, but as a community, we always maintained hope.
  • Misery is a dangerous emotion if you let it stay with you for too long.

An emotion of severe sadness or distress caused by loss or

  • After my friend’s funeral, the sorrow stayed with me for months and years
  • The film was sorrowful, but so beautiful in its message.

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2. Depression

A period of economic decline in a nation or city.

  • The recession resulted in a lot of lost homes and businesses.
  • The big question is what will happen to all of the recent college graduates,
    during this recession?

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3. Depression

An empty space within a solid object.

  • My dentist found a deep cavity in one of the molars of my teeth.
  • The car made a heavy noise as it drove over the large cavity in the road.

A small hollow made by pressure.

  • I dropped my phone, and was so upset to find an ugly dent on its side, when I
    picked it up.
  • The car parked next to mine was too close, and its driver dented my side door
    when opening theirs.

A deep dip in something.

  • The scar on my right arm has left an indentation that always reminds me of
    the day I had my bicycle accident.
  • My boyfriend bought me a silver necklace with an indentation of a heart.

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