What does FTW mean?


Text Abbreviations

FTW is a common abbreviation that you may see in texting or messaging and especially among young people. You will also hear people say F T W in speech, especially if young people are speaking to each other.

FTW: for the win


Young people use FTW to mean for the win, or to celebrate things that have gone well and people, places, events, and other nouns that they admire.

Whatever is being admired is usually listed as the first word, followed by FTW to indicate that the previous thing is the best, or is something that can win in a competition or fight.

It indicates enthusiasm for the topic being discussed.

Be careful when you use FTW, because it can easily be seen as sarcastic. If you praise something that other people don’t like with FTW, many English speakers will think you are joking with them and will not take you seriously.

The best way to prevent this when you text someone is to add an emoji at the end of the sentence that indicates whether you are genuine or sarcastic.

The phrase for the win may also be used in texts and speech.


Did you see that the Longhorns won the football game with a touchdown? Touchdowns FTW!

I can’t believe I got away with that because it just happened to be lunch time. Unexpected breaks FTW!

The swim team FTW! I didn’t used to care about them but after they beat everyone else so soundly, I couldn’t help but root them on!

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