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Have you ever met someone, heard them say HMU? Then been confused what does HMU mean and why they didn’t contact you to hang out again?

If this has happened to you, it might be because you misunderstood the term HMU. This abbreviation is very popular among young people, especially over text and on social media. But it is also used in everyday language by a diverse group of people.

What does HMU mean?

HMU stands for hit me upHMU means call me or text me.

HMU Meaning

This means that the person wants you to hit up their phone or inbox, or to contact them for whatever purpose it is.

This is an open invitation for you to ask them questions, invite them out to an event, or contact them about anything.

What does HMU mean in text?

It is a slang usage, so don’t talk to your boss or teacher this way. When you are talking to your equals, including at conferences and networking events. You can tell people you want to meet again or collaborate with to hit you up!

Hitting someone up is an open invitation, but it is often very casual. If you end up not contacting someone or following up with them, that is expected.

Make sure that you understand the context of the invitation because some people will tell you to hit them up without really meaning it. If you contact these people, you likely will not receive a response.

HMU Examples

  • Hanging out with you today was a ton of fun! If you want to do it again, HMU.
  • My company is hiring! HMU if you or someone you know specializes in online marketing, especially through email.
  • When you’re in town the next time, make sure to HMU.
  • HMU when you want this love!
  • HMU when you are ready!
  • Can anyone HMU?
  • HMU and I’ll be on my way!

Like other common phrases, you can replace the “me” with any other person (including you, them, my mother, etc.).

However, you should not abbreviate that phrase (i.e. HYU) because the other person will not understand what that stands for.

HMU Acronym

Hmu in an acronym for hit me up. This is a request for a person to call or inform you when they know or want something. When you ask a person to hit you up you want them to contact you.


  • If you find the t-shirt I lost at your place just HMU.
  • HMU if there’s going to be a party this Saturday.
  • Don’t forget to HMU after the test.

HMU for a TBH meaning

HMU means hit me up, and TBH means to be honest. When these two are combined into HMU for a TBH. It means that you want a person to tell you their honest opinion about you. Or, you can ask the person to tell you their honest opinion about someone else.


  • Lisa told me she didn’t like the way I act. HMU for a TBH about that later.
  • You know Steven? Well, HMU for a TBH on him.

What does HMU with Plans mean?

HMU with plans is used when you are making arrangements with someone. When you’re not the one making all the plans you ask someone else to. Or, if someone else is making plans you ask them to share them with you.


  • I heard the team is playing this weekend, and you’re one man down. HMU with plans and I can join.
  • We’ve got a presentation to finish by tomorrow. I’m free all day, so HMU with plans.
  • Denise told me she’d be in town today. HMU with plans if you’re going anywhere.

HMU with Plots meaning

When you’re plotting and scheming you often have a target in mind. A plot is an entire plan in order to achieve something. When you’re asking someone to HMU with plots you are looking for ways to achieve your goals.


  • Derek has to pay for that prank he pulled on me yesterday. HMU with plots so we can get back at him.
  • The gang is making moves on our territory. We need to strike back. HMU with plots.
  • HMU with plots if you have anything on Melissa. She’s so disrespectful.

HMU with Moves meaning

Making moves is a term that means making plans to strike against someone, or an organization. It’s commonly associated with crime. When you ask someone to HMU with moves it means that you are interested in participating in the strike.


  • People from uptown are taking over this street. HMU with moves, I’m down.
  • HMU with moves. We should jump on this chance while the iron is hot.
  • I think we can take them. HMU with moves, we need a game plan.

HMU to FT meaning

HMU means hit me up, and FT is short for Facetime. When you ask someone HMU for FT it means that you are asking them to give you a call via Facetime.


  • I haven’t seen you in ages. HMU for FT later.
  • I can’t reach Jennifer. Can you tell her to HMU for FT later today.
  • I’m busy right now, can you HMU for FT tomorrow?

Is HMU Flirty?

Using HMU is not always flirty, but it can be depending on context. In general, it just means you want someone to call you back. If it is used in a flirty way it’s to set up a date.

Flirty examples:

  • What are you doing after your shift? No plans, well HMU and we can get something to eat.
  • I’d love to see you again. I know you’re a bit busy, but HMU when you have time.
  • I really had fun with you last night. HMU whenever you feel like going out again.


HMU means hit me up, and HML means hit my line. Both have the same or similar meaning, which makes these two synonyms. You can use either of them, and they mean the same thing. When using either HMU or HML you’re asking a person to contact you.

What does HMU mean

HMU Quotes

There are even

HMU Universities

  • Harrison Middleton University
  • Hawler Medical University
  • Hainan Medical University


HMU Insurance

  • Harlock Murray Underwriting Ltd.

HMU Emoji 🤙

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