What does LB mean?


Abbreviations of all kinds are widely used on the internet. One of those is lb, which has a variety of different meanings. How can it be used, and how can it fit into your own online life?

LB has three common meanings

1. The first is an abbreviation for pound meaning weight. If someone weighs 140 pounds, for example, they weigh 140 lbs. Note that in this case, lb comes from the old Latin phrase libra pondo, which literally means a point of weight. When it is pronounced, we say “pound” rather than the letters.

2. Another meaning for lb is like back. This is often used on social media when people are looking at the number of “likes” they have gotten for each of their posts. If you like someone’s post, it is often expected that that person will like yours back, especially if you are friends. Posts that might ask you to like back include those on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For this meaning, we would read each of the letters separately when we say it.

3. If someone is whiny and seems like a child, they might be called an lb standing for little b*tch. This means that the person you are describing is often complaining about things that are not a big deal, or they are always acting as if the rules do not apply to them. People who feel annoyance at this sort of behavior, or do not want to deal with it can call them an lb. For this meaning, we would read each of the letters separately when we say it.


Because of the different ways that lb can be used, there are several different ways it fits into a sentence.

  • The package I wanted to mail to my parents was 5 lbs, so I had to pay extra for shipping costs.
  • Hey, can you go to my Instagram page and lb on my first picture?
  • He was acting like the most annoying lb at school today.

Note the different meanings for each of the sentences above.

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