What does OP mean?


OP is a slang term. It is usually used in the context of video games, especially role playing games (RPGs) that you play over the internet with other people. It does have multiple meanings, but the most common one is regarding someone’s play or performance that is extremely good and powerful.

OP stands for overpowered or overpower (each letter is pronounced separately: oh pee)

When people play games against each other, they are typically matched because they are of similar talent and skill. However, whether because or luck or ability, a person or team may begin to win quite significantly.

In some games, this creates a positive feedback loop, which means that the better the people play, the more advantages they can accumulate. Those advantages allow them to get even better, while the other people or teams are crushed.

OP can be used when someone or some group begins to win, and it seems as though their opponents have very little or no chance to catch up. Surprisingly, it refers to the strong person or team rather than the weaker group(s). If I have 5 groups, and the red team is winning clearly over the other players, the red team is OP.

Usage: OP in a Sentence

  • The demon character is OP is this game, so if you have the chance to unlock it, take it right away!
  • I am never OP, but I also do not lose too badly to the other team.

Other Meanings of OP

While OP typically refers to video games, it also as a couple different meanings.

OP: Original Poster

Especially on a forum, the OP, or original poster, is the person who wrote the first post.

  • Who is the OP on this forum?
  • I have been the OP on a lot of different threads, but this is the first one that has really gotten a lot of attention.

OP: Operation

In the context of the military, in a game or in real life, an op is an operation, or a specific task that you are trying to complete. Note that in this context, the word is pronounced as a single word rather than separately as letters as in the previous meanings.

  • We are conducting a special op today, so be prepared.
  • The unit received special acknowledgement from the president for their service during that op.

OP: Anime

In the context of Japanese anime and manga, an op is an opening of a series, book, or something related.

  • This is the most anticipated manga op of the year!
  • I did not know that there even was an op schedule for this month until I saw people reading the comic on the street.
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5 years ago

OP can also men Other People’s especially when referring to cigarettes. “I only smoke OP’s.”

Reply to  Cheryl
5 years ago

Thank you! It’s good to know!