What Does the Name Justin Mean? Related words are just, justice,…


Is your name Justin? Is the name of someone important in your life Justin, or are you considering the name for your own child?

Pick a name that symbolizes what you want for him!

Justin, with famous people that include the pop singers Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, the actors Justin Theroux and Justin Long, and the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Anyone who is named Justin is in good company there.

The name Justin has several related meanings. In English, it is related to the words just, justice, judicious, and justify.

As a result, Justin means someone who is just and righteous, who always knows the moral path to take and does not hesitate to take it.

The name has roots in the New Testament, which has a character named Justus. He is a Christian in the Roman church briefly mentioned in the passages of various books of the New Testament of the Bible.

The name Justin is usually for boys. It does not have many nicknames, but some people may want to be known as simply “J” or “Jay”.

It can also be combined with part of the person’s last name to create a unique identifier for the person, the way that Justin Bieber is sometimes referred to as “J Biebs”.

Famous people with the name Justin

  • Justin Bieber: a Canadian pop star, famous for his songs such as Baby, One Time, As Long As You Love Me, and Sorry. He was discovered on YouTube.
  • Justin Timberlake: an American pop singer, who started in the boy band NSYNC in the 1990s. Afterward, he became a solo artist and put out hits such as Summer Love and Mirror.
  • Justin Theroux: an American actor and screenwriter. He is known for films such as American Psycho and Zoolander, and is also married to Jennifer Aniston.
  • Justin Long: an American actor who got his start and moved into the spotlight after he was cast as the human form of the Mac computer in Apple commercials, comparing him to PCs. He is known for those commercials and movies such as Dodgeball and Live Free or Die Hard
  • Justin Trudeau: a Canadian politician, currently serving as the Prime Minister. He is a member of the Liberal Party of Canada and a widely respected leader.
  • Justin Verlander: an American sports figure, who pitches in Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers. He is a Cy Young Award winner and has previously been named MVP
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