2 Follow up Emails after Interview: Thank You email after interview & Sample email to check status of job application


Thank you Emails after Interview

2 Follow up emails after the interview:

  • 1. Thank You email after interview &
  • 2. Sample email to check the status of job application

Writing a Follow-Up E-mail After an Interview

If you are reading this post, then you are already taking the incentive for a job, career, or position you are interested in. Interviews are a necessary part of life, whether they are for a position as a student, volunteer, intern, or employee.

Today, to send a follow-up e-mail after an interview is proper etiquette, and in many ways expected.

Sending that e-mail does at least three things:

1. It shows your interest and care in the position you are pursuing.

2. It gives you the opportunity to let the interviewer know any important information that you forgot to note during the interview (it happens to us all).

3. It separates you from the other interviewees, so you do not get lost in the crowd.

There are two main types of follow-up e-mails:

1. The thank you e-mail within 24 hours of the interview

2. The status check e-mail to get an update on where your stand with the position.

At the end of the interview, it’s smart to ask the interviewer what you can expect from the hiring process, and if they have a timeline as to when they will have the position filled. Then you will know when that day arrives, you can send a status check e-mail.

Also, remember to always check your grammar and spelling before sending any e-mail to potential employers.

Thank You after Interview Email Sample

Include a simple subject line on the e-mail that states your name first, and intentions.

Subject Line: Gabriel Espinoza – Thank you

Hello [Interviewer’s Name],

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to meet with me. I am highly interested in the position, and impressed by [The Company’s] core values and philosophies you related.

My experience in [software, education, hospitality, medicine, etc.], and my skills of [bilingualism, communication, collaboration, etc.] will be an advantageous match in working with a dynamic team, such as yours, toward [The Company’s Goals].

Please keep me informed on the status of this position, and of any other information you may need of me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Take care,

[Your Name]

Of course, this is only an example idea; you may add or delete whatever information you find necessary. It should be your own voice, but it should be confident.

Try to stay away from phrases like, “I believe I would do well in this position because…,” or “I feel I am a good fit because…” Starting a statement with “I feel” or “I believe,” sometimes show that you are unsure; you only “believe.”

There is more conviction and confidence in beginning your statement with “My past experience will benefit your team because…” or “My skills are an advantageous match because…”

Also, remember to use this thank you e-mail to re-emphasize a skill you have, or bring up an important point you forgot to make during the interview.

Follow up Email after Interview Sample

During your interview, if you asked for the deadline the employers intended to hire, then when that day comes, you can wait two or three more days, then send your status check e-mail.

Again, it only shows that you care for the position and want to pursue it. So, do not shy away or feel as though you are coming across as too pushy.

Subject Line: Gabriel Espinoza- [Name of Position] position

Hello [Interviewer’s Name],

I hope all is well with you. When we last spoke, you had mentioned these would be the final days of the hiring process timeline. I am writing for a status update of the [Name of Position] position. Please let me know if any additional information from me is needed throughout this process regarding the position.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you and take care,

[Your Name]

Both e-mails should be short and simple. Also, as a word of advice, if possible, keep both e-mails on the same e-mail thread, so when the interviewer reads the Status Check letter they quickly reference your Thank You letter.

Remember to write what feels comfortable to you, but be confident, polite, professional, keep your message short, and check your grammar before sending it. Regardless of what you write though, any follow-up e-mail is better than silence, so you are already on a positive and productive path.

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6 years ago

It’s really a great advice, Thank you for sharing it. A follow up is a must after an interview, it’s the only way for a person to make the recruiters feel he is still interested with the job. And your suggestions on how to do a follow up, what all things to avoid are really helpful.

Reply to  radhika
6 years ago

Thank you so much Radhika!

Ritesh Sharma
5 years ago

That’s a great article and i was searching for this content because i didn’t know that doing follow up after applying for job is have this much importance so i was looking for how to do follow up process, thanks a lot for letting us know.Going to bookmark this for sure.