32 Words Ending In -ic And -ical


1. Attic  

  • We jumped when we heard a noise in the attic.
  • There’s no way I’m going up to that creepy attic.

2. Anitc

  • Everyone was getting tired of his childish antics.
  • These aren’t antics, this is truly what I think.

3. Artic

  • It’s going to be very cold this week, because here is an artic blast coming from the North.
  • They are joining an expedition to the Arctic circle.

4. Athletic

  • He is one of the most athletic players we’ve seen play this position in a long time.
  • We’re shopping for some new athletic wear today.

5. Atlantic

  • I can see the Atlantic ocean outside my window.
  • How long does it take to cross the Atlantic Ocean?

6. Aerobic

  • I’m looking for an aerobic workout.
  • The doctor said he was infected with aerobic bacteria.

7. Basic

  • Today we’re going to practice basic reading comprehension.
  • Before we get too far into the details please review the basic information of the project.

8. Comic

  • We are going to see a comic tonight.
  • Check out this comic strip, it’s hilarious.

9. Clinic

  • Have you been to the free clinic?
  • I just got a new job as a doctor at a clinic.

10. Classic

  • This is a classic example of how kitchen appliances were sold in the 1950’s.
  • She’s  restoring her classic muscle car with her dad.

11. Drastic

  • Drastic times call for drastic measures.
  • Don’t you think quitting is a bit of a drastic move?

12. Dramatic

  • His behavior is no surprise, everything is so dramatic at his age.
  • We’ve seen a dramatic drop in prices this week, since the news broke.

13. Dyslexic

  • Being dyslexic may mean that you face certain challenges, but it doesn’t put anything off limits for you.
  • Tomorrow we’re taking our kids to a testing center to see if they are dyslexic.

14. Electric

  • Do you know where the electric panel for this house is?
  • Does this house have a gas or electric stove?

15. Exotic

  • There are some places where deer are considered exotic creatures.
  • I want to move to an exotic tropical island.

16. Panic

  • I don’t want you to panic, but I think someone just broke into the house.
  • She’s not one to panic easily.

17. Traffic

  • I’m running a little late, because I’m stuck in traffic.
  • We’re going to discuss some ways that we can reduce the city’s traffic.

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Words Ending In -ical


18. Classical

  • Do you  like to listen to classical music?
  • Classical dance is my absolute favorite form of dance to watch.

19. Comical

  • I have to admit, watching him get angry and kick his boxes down the stairs was pretty comical.
  • I didn’t find that comical at all.

20. Egotistical

  • I’m not trying to be egotistical, but I really am the best in my class.
  • He is a conceited egotistical man, and I can’t stand him!

21. Economical

  • We’re looking for something economical that fits in everyone’s budget.
  • That dress is beautiful, but it’s not economical.

22. Ethical

  • Doctors have to treat everyone, it’s part of how they stay ethical.
  • He’s not the most ethical person I’ve ever met.

23. Fanatical

  • Boy band fans are crazy and fanatical.
  • He is fanatical about keeping his kids safe.

24. Logical

  • There’s always a logical solution to every problem.
  • What’s the logical thing to do here?

25. Magical

  • I used to think my brother was magical, I had no idea he was just doing bad magic tricks.
  • Our vacation was a magical experience.

26. Medical

  • They took time off the clock because the team had to use a medical timeout.
  • We’re not sure if what’s wrong with you can be fixed by using something medical.

27. Musical

  • I’m going to see my first musical tonight.
  • My daughter is starring in her school’s musical this weekend.

28. Optical

  • I thought he was standing behind you, but it was just an optical illusion.
  • If you close one eye at a time, and look at an object, it will appear as if the object is moving, but it’s just an optical illusion.

29. Radical

  • The man led a radical activist movement.
  • I don’t think this idea is as radical as you think it is.

30. Tropical

  • I want to sail away to a tropical island.
  • This looks like a tropical disease.

31. Topical

  • This is the most advanced anit-aging topical cream on the market.
  • I only want to do topical treatments, no surgery please.

32. Typical

  • It’s so typical of her to stir the pot and then walk out of the room.
  • What’s the typical pricing on something like this?

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