27 Words That End in Z



1. Abuzz

  • When the celebrity couple walked into the room, you could hear the abuzz from the crowd.
  • There was an abuzz in the forest, and I couldn’t quit tell where it was coming from.

2. Blitz

  • In order to promote the movie, the actors did a two week press blitz.
  • The strategy was to attack with an all out blitz at a time when the enemy wouldn’t  expect.

3. Bezazz

  • He walked in the room, and I could tell right away he was full of bezazz.
  • The difference between good and great, is a whole lot of bezazz.

4. Blintz

  • I went out to eat with my family and we had blintzes last night for desert.
  • We’re going to learn how to make a blintz in my cooking class next week.

5. Buzz

  • After working as a beekeeper for so many year, I’m constantly hearing a buzz sound, even when I’m not around the bees.
  • The new phone is generating a huge amount of buzz.

6. Coz

  • The only reason they gave you the job is coz you are friend’s with the owner of the company.
  • I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning coz it was so cold.

7. Frizz

  • This weather makes my hair frizz.
  • This smoothing shampoo is supposed to make sure your hair doesn’t frizz.

8. Fizz

  • He just sat there watching his drink fizz.
  • Once we poured in the active ingredient our concoction started to bubble and frizz.

9. Fritz

  • His computer is on the fritz again.
  • I would give anything to have just one day go by without the copying machine going on the fritz.

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10. Glitz

  • I love watching the red carpet with all its glitz and glamour.
  • I want a dress that has a lot of glitz to it.

11. Geez

  • Oh geez, are we seriously going to have to go over that again.
  • Geez, give me a break.

12. Jazz

  • We stayed up all night dancing to jazz.
  • I’m forming a jazz band with some old friends from college.

13. Jeez

  • Jeez! I’m so tired of never being the one to get the promotion.
  • I hit my toe on the bed again. Jeez that hurt!

14. Kibitz

  • It’s so annoying when someone stands behind me and kibitzes. If I want advice, I’ll ask for it.
  • Enough already with the kibitzing.

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15. Klutz

  • I tripped and fell on my face in front of the entire cafeteria. I am such a klutz.
  • I tripped and fell into my future husband’s lap. Who knew being such a klutz would pay off.

16. Quiz

  • We’re having a quiz tomorrow, and it’s worth half our grade.
  • Do you know which material our quiz is on?

17. Quartz

  • We got to take home a small piece of quartz from the quarry.
  • We’re thinking about putting quartz in our bathroom when we remodel it.  

18. Pizzaz

  • He danced with style and pizzazz.
  • The story was ok, but it didn’t have any pizzaz.

19. Plotz

  • He’s an artist, so no one was surprised when he got into a mood and plotzed in the corner.
  • The coach wanted to plotz in frustration, but knew he couldn’t show negative emotion in front of his team.

20. Spritz

  • Add a spritz of lemon to your salmon after it’s finished cooking in the pan.
  • I’m just going to put on a spritz of perfume before I head out the door.

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21. Showbiz

  • He’s trying to break into showbiz and he’s looking for a manager.
  • Don’t assume that everyone living in California is trying to get into showbiz.

22. Schnoz

  • He had a huge schnoz.
  • She had one of the best looking schnozes I’d ever seen.

23. Speltz

  • This pasta is made out of speltz.
  • Tonight we are having chicken and vegetables over speltz, sprinkled with cheese.

24. Spitz

  • The woman carried a vicious spitz with her, in her purse. It barked at everyone it saw.
  • Make that spitz stop yapping.

25. Topaz

  • She has a beautiful topaz and diamond necklace.
  • Do you think topaz will look good with this setting?

26. Waltz

  • She couldn’t wait to dance the waltz at her wedding with her father.
  • We’re learning the waltz today in our dance class.

27. Whiz

  • Have you hear about the new whiz kid that’s joining our class?
  • The cars were whizzing by the side of the road.

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