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yeet meaning

Yeet meaning

Yeet has multiple meanings, depending on the circumstances. Most commonly yeet means to throw something away really hard.

Yeet Example

  • If I lose this game I’m going to yeet my computer out the window.

What else can Yeet mean?

Yeet can also be an act of screaming the word out loud. This is commonly screamed before doing something dangerous, or alarming. On the other hand, when yeet is spoken softly and gently is denotes that hard task has been finished.

Yeet Example

  • “YEEEE!” he shouted at the top of his lungs before skateboarding down the slope.
  • “Yeet,” she said softly to herself after defeating the last boss in the game.

What is the 3rd meaning of yeet?

If yeet is used as a noun it describes an adrenaline rush. This is not the most common use, but it has become popular recently.

Yeet Example:

  • That was a real yeet of a ride.

Yeet hay meaning

Yeet hay is an expression that originates from Mandarin Chinese. It simply means hot, and can be used when describing multiple things. The first version of the expression yeet hay is used in medicine, and describes a person with a fever.

Yeet hay can also be used to describe food, the weather, or basically anything that is hot. Expanded usage of the word expression can also mean dry, and on the opposite side on some occasions either cold or wet.

Yeet cannon meaning

Yeet cannon is a description for massive firearm. It’s commonly used to describe over-sized guns in the real world, or impractical fictional guns. A yeet cannon more often than not doesn’t have real functionality, and is more imposing because of its size than its use.

In other instances, yeet cannon can also describe a functional firearm with added features that make it look huge. Like a normal pistol with a massive 32 bullet cylindrical magazine.


  • I was working with this yeet cannon for the mission. An AR15 with an extended 500 mag, inf beam, tactical shotgun combo, and a bayonet. Only thing it didn’t have was a nuke.

Yeet out meaning

Yeet out simply means to go wild. Yeeting out is possible during confrontations, if it’s a violent act, or simply getting crazy at a party. Throwing things around is also an occasion where you can yeet out.


  • Josh just started throwing stuff at the party, probably high off his mind. Just yeet out all over the place.

Yeet myself meaning

Yeet myself is something you would say when you’re about to throw yourself into something, someone, or off of something. Since yeet means to throw in most cases, yeet myself means you’re about to do it to yourself instead of something else.


  • The party was so boring I just wanted to yeet myself off the balcony.

Yeet a friend meaning

To yeet a friend means to stop hanging out with them. When you yeet you throw away, and yeeting a friend means you are no longer considering them to be your friend. Essentially, you are throwing them away.

Yeet over meaning

To yeet over means to fall over almost violently. When you fall head over heels, or tumble down the stars really hard, you yeet over. It can also mean to throw yourself or jump over something very tall, more often than not missing and breaking something.

Yeet down meaning

Since yeet means to throw yeet down means simply to throw down. Now, throw down is not literal, since it means to be ready for a fight. Yeet down simply means to fight a battle that you will likely lose, since it’s a reckless action. Yeet down means entering a fight that you’re not sure you can win.

Yeet meaning in Fortnite

Yeet is a popular expression in the game Fortnite. It means to enter combat in a reckless fashion. When you yeet in Fortnite you don’t care if you’ll win the encounter, you’re just there to cause chaos.

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