5 Pieces of Fantastic Advice to Build Your Self Confidence in Learning English


5 Pieces of Fantastic Advice to Build Your Self Confidence in Learning EnglishIf you have decided to acquire an English language you can easily find yourself in a situation that is a nightmare of the language learners: loosing your self-confidence.

You regularly attend to classes, you always do all your homework and sometimes even do some extra exercises and you still feel bad at English. Your peers seem to develop faster than you, your colleague understand the English instructions better than you and all your friends seem to be more relaxed than you during an English conversation.

Don’t fall into despair! It is not your fault, for some people less time is required to study and what is more important to use the new structures and grammar than others.

But still if you are struggling with learning English there is hope to break the neck of this situation. If you continue reading there are 5 pieces of fantastic advice that will provide you some solutions to this problem!

Think it over and change!

If you are stuck at a level and there seems to be no way out something needs to be changed. You might have to find new sources of motivation, change to a different group, to private classes, to study abroad or explore new coursebooks or themes of your studies. Consult with your teacher and tell your problems!


There is always a chance that your problem is not connected to the studying process itself but there is something else in the background.

You can be overloaded with others tasks-work always comes first. In this case suspend your studies for a while until you can fit the language learning to your life in other words, you have enough time for both the classes and preparing for them.

It is also common to feel a bit less than your classmates which can cause serious problems in your process. Instead of comparing yourself to others try to study from them during the classes!

Study texts by heart!

Yes. It sounds boring and most of us hated this when we had to study a poem of a short story by heart at the elementary school. But memorizing shorter texts, common phrases or longer example sentences can help you out from situations when you are nervous or have difficulties because of your low-self esteem.

Speak and neglect your mistakes!

It is obvious that you wish to express yourself properly and elaborately. But especially at the beginning you should forget the convulsive effort to speak perfectly! Try to forget this desire and just enjoy that you can express yourself in English no matter how!

Naturally if you have to prepare to a presentation or some kind of formal event like a meeting it is necessary to pay attention, but then you can work a bit beforehand. Collect all necessary data and some formal expressions the day before and you would sound way more confident!

Success is success

Note your successes and don’t forget to praise yourself! After bigger tests, exams or projects take a short break and relax! Studying doesn’t always mean hard work.

What has been the biggest problem for you during your studies so far?

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What to do next?

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