8 English Learning Websites You Need to Become Proficient in English


Browsing Google is not enough to find the best English learning websites on the net. Google usually brings you the same websites you’ve already seen hundreds of times before, and you just can’t get to those quality English learning websites you need.

So let me share with you, some of the best websites to learn English online that may be hard to find yourself.


1. MyEnglishTeacher.eu

Yes, I know it’s our site and you are reading this post on our blog, but that is why it’s number 1. We always provide you with the best tips, websites and materials to learn English. So you can choose the information you need and make big improvements by reading and practising English regularly.

On MyEnglishTeacher.eu you can practise with a qualified native English teacher, or by subscribing to get the most useful English learning tips via email for FREE.

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2. PhraseMix

PhraseMix - MyEnglishTeacher.eu

One of the most enjoyable English learning websites on the net. Aaron from Phrasemix teaches you English phrases in a new way. Just look at this amazingly designed website! And that’s just the beginning.

You may ask, why should I learn English phrases?! Well, it is important to know them, because this is what you will mainly use in your conversations. You don’t want to be searching for English words each time you talk to someone. It would be so much easier to have access to a bank of phrases that can be memorized. And you are ready to speak! 🙂

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3. English as a Second Language on About.com

If you are looking for an English learning website with a vast amount of English learning materials, tips, videos, quizzes, vocabulary and grammar exercises, then this is the site for you.

What topics should you expect? Beginners English, Intermediate English, Advanced English, Pronunciation – Speaking, Lesson Plans, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening Skills, Writing Skills, Teaching English, Reading Skills, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Business English, Tests and Quizzes, English Learning Tools and many more.

The only thing they don’t have information about is the latest apps to learn English on your mobile device. But, no need to worry. You will find English learning app reviews here on MyEnglishTeacher.eu blog.

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4. Voice of America

Similar to About.com, you will find a lot of information here. What is great about this site is that you can learn American English whilst watching the latest news on topics like the USA, the rest of the world, business, education, health, entertainment, science and technology. Very useful and FREE.

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5. English Central

English Central - MyEnglishTeacher.eu

Not long ago, I was asked a question on our Facebook page. One of our followers asked me if I knew any easy and short video dialogues with exercises to improve listening. I directed her to English Central, where you are able to improve not only English listening skills, but also English pronunciation and vocabulary. All for FREE.

I believe this is a very powerful website and definitely deserves to be on this list of best English learning websites.

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6. Holmwoods

holmwoodsHolmwood’s Online Learning can provide you with extra reading and listening practice material. Plus, many exciting exercises which you can do at home by yourself. Annual subscription costs €34.99.

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7. News In Levels

news in levels

An extremely useful English learning website. You can read (build your vocabulary), watch and listen (improve your listening skills and pronunciation) to the latest news in English. PLUS (as the title suggests) you can do it at different levels! Highly efficient if you want to focus specifically on the areas you are weakest in.

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8. How do you do?

How do you do website - MyEnglishTeacher.eu‘How do you do?’ is an amazing idea by some Polish guys. It’s simple and it’s FREE. Once again, it’s really simple. 🙂

What you can do here is, practise English SPEAKING with NON-native speakers around the world using Skype. The tool basically connects you to other people who also want to focus on speaking in English.

I like the idea, because here you don’t have to spend time teaching the other person to speak your language. On ‘How do you do?’ you both simply practise speaking ONLY English together, which is a HUGE benefit.

Alternatively, if you would like to help someone learn your language while they help you with English, check out these language exchange websites (you will find my blog post here about the TOP 10 BEST language exchange websites).

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Do you know any other useful English learning websites? If yes, please share them with us in the comments box below. We (I and our other readers) would be happy to know about them!

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Hear English
6 years ago

Hi, my site ‘The Full English Experience’: http://fullenglishexperience.com/ has audio articles and comprehension questions that would make very good practice for TOEIC listening.
There are transcripts, quizzes and all sorts on the site. If you just want to hear the podcast, it’s here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-full-english-experience/id1268349176?mt=2&ls=1
Thank you

eduardo silva
eduardo silva
Reply to  Hear English
5 years ago

I recommend https://www.penpaland.com its a language exchange-based social network website.

Reply to  Hear English
5 years ago

https://www.letspal.com you can find penpals and practice english with online penpals