Are Clever and Smart the same thing?


Are clever and smart the same thing?

Clever and smart are close synonyms. This means that they have a very similar meaning, but in some cases they can be different. Clever and smart are not the same thing, but very closely related.

[Clever is used to describe a person, or any living thing, that knows how to use everything they have in order to achieve their goal. People and animals can be clever, and we say that when they do something especially good. Clever is related to smart because it means that someone has done a smart thing in a specific situation.


  • Matt threw the dog a bone and she waited for his order to eat. What a clever girl.
  • Using this equation in such a manner is a very clever solution.
  • The company needs to think of a clever marketing strategy for this new product.

[ Smart means that a person knows a lot of information. It’s not related to a specific situation, but rather the overall knowledge a person has. Smart means that someone has read or studied a lot, and they know how to use that knowledge. A famous description for people who are smart, but not clever, is “book smart.”


  • Considering all the information we have the smart choice is to postpone the launch.
  • He’s a smart boy, that’s certain, but he has to work on his people skills.
  • I’ve never met anyone as smart as her. You know she answered all the quiz questions last night.

Are Clever and Witty the same thing?

Clever and witty are partial synonyms. That means they have a similar meaning only in a specific context. Clever and witty are not the same thing, except for one specific situation.

Clever and [witty can both mean funny. You can make a witty or clever comment about someone or something, and that comment makes people laugh. Clever and witty are both connected to observations, as well as meaning that you are making fun of someone.


  • When she made that witty comment about his toupee I almost died laughing.
  • That joke about Josh and his dog, I have to say that was clever.

Can clever be an adjective?

Clever can be an adjective. In general it describes a person, and their intelligence.


  • She’s very clever, you know. She once got out a speeding ticket.
  • My grandson is not a clever person, but he’s book smart.

What clever means?

Clever means that someone knows how to use everything they have in a situation in order to get the best results. Being clever means that a person can make the best outcome for themselves, regardless of how hard it is. It can also mean doing something smart that people didn’t expect you to be able to.

Clever is a very versatile word, and can be used in many different contexts. It can also be used for animals, or any other living creature. The main point of the word clever is that a living thing knows how to make the best out of a situation.

Clever is which part of speech?

Clever is an adjective. With the suffix -ly it becomes an adverb, and with the suffix -ness it becomes a noun.


  • The strategy for last night’s game was clever.
  • We have to cleverly maneuver around the house in order to get in unseen.
  • Cleverness is the only way you will get out of this escape room.

Clever is as clever does meaning

Clever is as clever does” is old proverb, a saying that has been a part of English culture for ages. It means that cleverness is not determined just by what you say, but rather by what you do. Clever is the person who acts in clever ways.

“Clever is as clever does” means that only people who truly act clever are clever in the end. Words don’t make clever people, actions do.

Clever is noun or adjective?

Clever is an adjective. Cleverness is a noun, and cleverly is an adverb.

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