What Exactly is a Dry Sense of Humor?

dry sense of humor

dry sense of humor

Dry sense of humor meaning

A dry sense of humour is the type of humour somebody has.
When a person with a dry sense humour tells a joke it is not always obviously funny. He usually tellsΒ it using a serious tone or without any emotion.

Dry sense of humor example

For example, he might deliver a joke using the same tone of voice as somebody might use when talking about the weather or what they are going to have for dinner. He won’t use energetic gestures or facial expressions either as other comedians like to use.

Is a dry sense of humor a good thing or aΒ bad thing?

A dry sense of humour is a good thing if it is used correctly with an appropriate audience.
A person with a dry sense of humour is usually very clever and entertaining.

It is called a dry humour because it is not obviously funny and people may not be aware of the joke. The β€œwetter” the joke is the more obviously funny it is, the dryer the joke is the less noticeably funny it is.

Dry sense of humor vs sarcastic?

Dry humour differs quite a lot from sarcasm as a sarcastic person uses language that mean the opposite of what they intend to say. A sarcastic person uses ironic comments to be funny or amusing, for example:

  • β€œDo you want some cake?”
  • β€œNo way, who would want cake?” (the person is being sarcastic because of course he wants cake, everybody wants cake. He is being sarcastic or funny)

But unlike dry humour, sarcasm can also be used to mock somebody or insult somebody. For example, if somebody says something really obvious like β€œit’s raining outside” the sarcastic person might say β€œReally? Are you sure?”.

In this example the sarcastic person is mocking or insulting the other person as it obvious that it is raining outside.

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