Bedroom Furniture Names in English: bed, twin, blanket, pillow, …



Bedroom Furniture Vocabulary: 

1. Bed

  • This is what you sleep on at night.

2. Twin

  • The smallest sized bed is called a _____ bed.

3. King-sized

  • The largest sized bed is called a _____ bed.

4. Bunk

  • Two beds stacked on top of each other are called a _____ bed.

5. Mattress

  • This is the part of the bed you actually sleep on.

6. Blanket

  • You use this to cover yourself at night when you sleep, usually accompanied by sheets.

7. Duvet / comforter

  • Instead of blankets and sheets, you can use something thicker to cover yourself. This is known as a _____.

8. Pillow

  • What does your head rest on when you sleep?

9. Pillow case

  • What do you use to cover a pillow?

10. Lamp

  • You probably turn this light source off right before you go to bed.

11. Nightstand / bed stand

  • You might put your lamp or books on a small table next to your bed, known as a _____.

12. Closet

  • This is a small, separate room attached to most bedrooms where you can hang your clothes.

13. Dresser

  • You can also keep your clothes in this piece of furniture, which contains stacked drawers.

14. Wardrobe

  • If you want, you can hang your clothes in a separate piece of furniture called a _____.

15. Vanity

  • This piece of furniture contains drawers and mirrors that you can use to do your makeup.

16. Window

  • Where might the sun shine through into your bedroom first thing in the morning?

17. Window frame

  • What do you call the actual wooden support of the window?

18. Windowpane

  • How about the glass part?

19. Window sill

  • What about the ledge along the bottom of the window?

20. Curtain

  • What about the piece of cloth that can cover the window to block out sunlight?

21. Coat hangers

  • You can put your clothes on these devices to make them easier to hang in your closet.

22. Alarm clock

  • You can use this device to wake yourself up in the morning.

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