Cool English As A Second Language Resources


English as a second language resources

Working on Blog’s marketing every day I come across tons of websites which could be very interesting to you as an English language learner and as an English teacher as well. I call them English as a Second Language Resources.

English grammar exercises



Technology for the lesson

Tips to help learn English

Idioms and phrases

Social media in the English lesson

Infographics about learning English

You wouldn’t believe how many sites are on the web about English as a Second Language. But only a few of them are unique, creative and can grab your attention.

I also placed my collection on MyEnglishTeacher Alltop page. It contains websites like: ABOUT.COM ENGLISH AS 2ND LANGUAGE, TEACHER TALK, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS – ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING GLOBAL BLOG.

You will find English learning exercises, English language games, tips, worksheets, fantastic tools for learning and teaching English online, some grammar (not boring) and resources for ESL teachers on a visible list.

And most importantly, there are people who you can write to if you have any questions (like me), ideas or you would just simply like to show your own perspective and write a guest post. You can even write guest post(s) for us. So, have fun!

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