Technology Words for Information Technology Professionals and Software Engineers


To hit the panic button idiom

Do you ’speak’ C++ and Java? How about your English?

IT professionals and software engineers all over the world need to have a good command of English to be able to collaborate with their colleagues and help their customers.

In the following article, we are going to look at some of the most common words and expressions that are in use in Computer, Software and Information Technology jobs.

We will also introduce some of the latest and most entertaining apps and websites that you can start using right now to improve your English.


Software Developers develop applications that carry out specific tasks on computers and other devices.

Computer Programmers use the designs of Software Developers and write codes to make instructions that computers can follow.

Computer and Information Research Scientists design new technology to solve complex problems in different occupational fields, such as Medicine, Education or Business.

Network and Computer System Administrators install and support computer systems for different organizations, such as schools, hospitals, banks and different businesses.

Computer System Analysts study existing computer systems and suggest possible changes for improvement.

Computer Support Specialists are employed by organizations to help non-IT users with computer related problems.

Database Administrators organise and store data for businesses. They also make sure that only authorized people can access data.

Computer Network Architects create internal networks for businesses and organizations.

Web Developers create websites for businesses.

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Cog in the machine

Describing Products

Present Simple 

  • It costs fifty dollars. (How much does it cost?)
  • It monitors employee activity. (What does it monitor?)
  • It is easy to use. (Is it easy to use?)
  • It is available in three colours. (Is it available in other colours?)
  • It comes with a two-year guarantee. (Does it come with a guarantee?)

Passive Voice

  • This device is manufactured in India. (Where is this device manufactured?)
  • It is designed for competent users. (Who is it designed for?)
  • It can be used for internal communication. (What can it be used for?)
  • It is equipped with a signature recognition software. (What is it equipped with?)
  • The cover is made of leather. (What is the cover made of?)

Comparatives and Superlatives 

  • The new version is more reliable than the old one. (Is the new version more reliable than the old one?)
  • It’s smaller than a laptop. (Is it smaller than a laptop?)
  • It’s not as expensive as a PC. (Is it cheaper than a PC?)
  • It’s the cheapest product on the market.

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not working, inoperative, broken, shut down

Troubleshooting and Giving Advice

Present Perfect

  • Have you tried removing the program?
  • Have you checked your home button settings?
  • Have you disabled the extensions?

Past Tenses

  • What were you doing when the error occurred?
  • Did you initialize the drive?
  • Did you verify software compatibility?


  • You should download a data recovery software to help you.
  • You should  back up all the restored data.

Why don’t you…?

  • Why don’t you try using the default password?
  • Why don’t you run some tests to make sure everything is stable?


  • Burn the ISO to a blank DVD.
  • Disable the internal GPU.
  • Don’t attempt to write anything on the hard drive.
  • Don’t click Yes to format the drive.

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To be in tune with somebody

Phone calls

  • This is Tom Smith speaking.
  • I would like to speak to Mr Brown. / Can I speak to Mr Brown?
  • I would like to leave a message for Ms Jones. Can you ask her to call me back as soon as possible?
  • I’ll make sure she gets the message.
  • I’m sorry, I don’t understand/ I can’t hear you very well.
  • Could you say that again? Can you speak up a little?
  • I’m calling to make an appointment with Mr Brown.
  • I’m calling about the problem you reported this morning.
  • I’m calling about the computer you have ordered.
  • I’m sorry, I’m in a meeting/ I’m very busy at the moment.
  • I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I call you back this afternoon?


  • Dear Mr/ Ms Jones,
  • Dear Dr Smith,
  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
  • I am writing to let you know that your payment is overdue.
  • Thank you for your e-mail of 29 February regarding the sale of…
  • I am sending you the brochure as an attachment.
  • Please see the statement attached.
  • I am afraid I cannot open the file you have sent me.
  • Could you send it again in … format?
  • I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Yours faithfully, (when you start with Dear Sir/ Madam,)
  • Yours sincerely, (when you start with the name e.g. Dear Ms Collins)

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Small Talk

Small talk is an informal type of conversation. People make small talk when they have nothing important to discuss, however, remaining silent would make them feel uncomfortable. This situation may arise, for example, before a meeting while waiting for the participants to arrive, or during breaks. You might make small talk while waiting for the lift together with someone you know, or during lunch in the office canteen.

  • How are you? Did you have a good weekend?
  • How is your wife/husband? How are the children?
  • It’s so hot today, isn’t it?/ It’s so cold today, isn’t it?
  • Yes, very hot/cold for this time of the year. What are you doing at the weekend?
  • Have you been working here long?
  • Have you met the new accountant?
  • Do you know any good restaurants near here?
  • I just love the chocolate eclair they make in the canteen. Have you tried it?
  • My dog just didn’t want me to come to work this morning. Do you have a dog?
  • Did you watch the match last night?
  • Have you seen any good films lately? I’d like to take my wife to the cinema this weekend.

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a well-oiled machine idiom

TOP 75  English Words every IT Professional and Software Engineer should know

1. abbreviation
shortened form of a word or expression that uses the first few letters or the main letters of the word to represent it

  • The abbreviation ’RAM’ stands for Random Access Memory.

2. analysis
critical study or examination of something

  • A financial analysis was carried out in order to improve cost efficiency.

3. appliance
a device or tool that performs a specific task

  • They sell a wide range of virtual appliances.

4. application
a program designed to do a specific job

  • This database application lets you manage your contacts and organise your projects.

5. arise
happen/begin to exist (formal)

  • Problems may arise when trying to request data from a remote web service.

6. available
can be found/bought/rented/used etc.

  • Available memory refers to how much RAM is not being used by the computer.

7. background
past events/history of a person’s or company’s life

  • It’s always a good idea to research a company’s background before doing business with them.

8. carpal tunnel syndrome
a nerve-related illness that causes pain between the elbows and hand, or in the fingers

  • The development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome might be linked to computer use.

9. certification
official document awarded by standard setting organizations that indicates competency in a certain professional field

  • Earning the latest Microsoft certifications may help you further your career.

10. chief
most important/ main

  • The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the computer systems of a company.

11. common
shared, public, ordinary

  • One of the most common Internet crime is drug trafficking.

12. compatible
that can be used together with some other equipment

  • The parts I ordered weren’t compatible with my PC.

13. consultant
a person whose job is to give expert advice or information to companies

  • Do you think we should contact an IT consultant?

14. convenience
usefulness, comfort

  • We provide outstanding products and 24/7 phone support for the convenience of our customers.

15. customer
a person who buys goods or services

  • Good customer care can improve customer loyalty.

16. database
an organized collection of information

  • This software creates a customer database to eliminate paperwork.

17. deal
a business transaction

  • To find out more about our package deals, please visit our website.

18. demand
customers’ need for a product

  • Online keyword selector tools may help you find out whether certain products are in high demand.

19. detailed
giving a lot of information

  • A more detailed description is available on our website.

20. develop
make something bigger/more complex/ more advanced

  • We have decided to develop a new database app.

21. drawback
disadvantage, a feature that’s not good

  • The main drawback of this product is the high cost.

22. effective
able to produce a strong response/result

  • Anti-virus softwares are not always effective against viruses.

23. efficient
productive with minimal effort/expense

  • Energy efficient home appliances can save you a lot of money.

24. employ
use something/ give someone work

  • The police often employ hackers.

25. enterprise
a business organization

  • He’s the founder of an enterprise software company.

26. environment
the place and conditions around something

  • Our aim is to design effective computer-based learning environments.

27. equipment
tools and devices that serve a specific purpose

  • No recording equipment is allowed in the conference room.

28. expertise
advanced knowledge

  • We need someone with expertise in virtualized IT environments.

29. eyestrain
pain and tiredness of the eyes

  • Eyestrain has become a major health complaint among IT workers.

30. goal
an objective, something you would like to do

  • We can help you accomplish your goals.

31. gadget
a small, electronic device

  • You can choose from the most popular high-tech gadgets in our shop.

32. implement
begin to do/ use

  • I need to implement two interfaces.

33. increase
become or make something bigger in size/number

  • You should try using more photographs to increase the conversion rate of your website.

34. install
put something in position

  • You’ll have to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

35. instruction
steps or orders to be followed

  • Just follow the step-by-step instructions, which will guide you through the setup process.

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36. insurance
financial protection for property, life, health etc.

  • Nowadays, insurers offer insurance for cyber losses.

37. integrate
combine two or more things to create a new one

  • The new features are tightly integrated with the existing service.

38. intranet
local computer network

  • Our online library can be accessed on the college intranet.

39. latest
newest, the most up to date

  • Download the latest updates on our company’s website.

40. leadership
position/ability to guide a group

  • In a job interview, it’s best to give concrete examples to demonstrate your leadership skills.

41. level with someone (verb)
be honest and tell the truth to someone

  • Do you think we can level with them and ask for more time?

42. low
with little height/ below others

  • Low prices may indicate either good value or low quality.

43. maintain
keep in a good condition

  • A poorly maintained website may kill your business.

44. matrix
a group of electronic circuit elements arranged in rows and columns

  • Data Matrix  Codes should appear on the outside packaging of medicinal products.

45. monitor (verb)
to watch and check on somebody/something

  • Your website will be monitored 24/7.

46. negotiate
bargain or discuss until an agreement is reached

  • Web designers often come across clients who want to negotiate prices.

47. occur
happen, appear

  • Why do errors occur?

48. order
ask for goods or services to be provided

  • To order products, please fill out this form.

49. outsource
buy goods or services from an outside source (from another company)

  • Packaging is often outsourced to Asia.

50. oversee
watch and direct something

  • Our Project Manager oversees the development of this new product.

51. plan
a series of steps for achieving your goal

  • We need a plan for increasing our market share in the US.

52. prevail
be common, frequent

  • Google prevails in book digitalization.

53. process
a method of doing or making something

  • All  our employees will take part in the decision-making process.

54. promote
help to make something grow/become more popular

  • I think you should start promoting your products online right now.

55. prospect
chance for success

  • We are excited by the prospect of working with you.

56. provide
give, supply, furnish

  • We provide excellent customer service.

57. rapid
moving fast, quick

  • The last decade saw rapid expansion of the service sector.

58. reduce
make something smaller in size/weight/price etc.

  • The price of this product needs to be reduced.

59. remote
far away in place or time

  • This software provides secure remote access of computers from any location.

60. replace
take the place of something or somebody

  • How can I replace my laptop fan?

61. research
investigation, finding information

  • Market research was carried out to identify customer needs.

62. resource
something that is ready to use when needed

  • This site provides useful links to resources on language learning.

63. respond
answer, reply

  • You must respond within ten days.

64. simultaneous
two or more things happening at the same time

  • The charger has a built-in USB power port and includes both a mini and a micro USB cable for simultaneous charging of your mobile devices.

65. solve
find an answer to a problem

  • How do I solve a sound quality problem when uploading to Youtube?

66. sophisticated
complex, developed, knowledgeable

  • Our software makes the setup of sophisticated devices easy.

67. specifications
a detailed description (of a product)

  • We reserve the right to change the specifications of our products without notice.

68. substantial
true, real, strong

  • There has been a substantial increase in buying power in or country.

69. sufficient
as much as needed

  • The warehouse always has sufficient stock.

70. suitable
right/appropriate in a situation

  • The keyboard you buy should be suitable to both the task and the user.

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71. task
something that has to be done

  • Have a look at our online task manager.

72. tool
instrument, device

  • This is our most downloaded network tools software.

73. transfer
carry/send from one place to another

  • You can transfer money online with PayPal services.

74. vendor
a person who sells something

  • You can buy items from multiple vendors in one order.

75. webinar
a presentation delivered online

  • Join us next week for a free webinar on computer-based learning.

Are there any words missing from this list? Feel free to add them in the comment area below.

As professionals, we all want to make a good impression on the people we are working with. Learning the above words and expressions will boost your confidence when it comes to speaking with a new client on the phone, or responding to your e-mails. If you would also like to improve your pronunciation, check out these websites.

Remember that memorizing new vocabulary is not enough to become a proficient language user- practice is essential if you want to incorporate what you have learnt into your English.

So, keep practising and feel free to ask for help if there is something you don’t understand. Your ideas and suggestions are also welcome – let us know how we can best help you.

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