Should vs Shall Legal explanation


Shall and Should are both modal verbs.

1. Shall expresses certain laws and rules

You shall abide by the law.
Students shall not enter this room.

2. Something take place or exist in the future

a) We use shall for offers

Shall I pick you up from airport?
Shall we dance?

b) Suggestion

Shall I open the window?
What time shall we meet?

c) Future expression and promises

I shall be here at 7 tomorrow.

Should is the past tense of shall

1. We can use it as a personal opinion

You should go to the police.
You should see a doctor.

2. Use to express that we wish something had happened but it didn’t

You should have seen it, it was beautiful.

3. Should used to ask for someone’s opinion

What should we do now?

4. Used something expected or correct

Everybody should arrive by 6 pm.

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4 years ago

useful article. I am studying for the FCE exam.

Tamim ahmed
Tamim ahmed
3 years ago

tysm that was so useful <3