How to ask for a table in a Restaurant?


The next time you want to go out with friends for a meal at a restaurant you may need to book a table or, in other words, make a reservation.

Your name is usually always required to make a booking.

This article is going to teach you the vocabulary to help you reserv a table.

Table Reservation at a Restaurant

1. Booking

To ask that a service or product is available only for you at a particular time.

  • I’d like to make a booking for tonight at 7 pm. My name is (name).
  • I’d like to book a table for tonight at 7 pm.

2. Reservation

A synonym of booking, these words can be used similarly.

  • I’d like to make a reservation for tonight at 7 pm. My name is (name).
  • I would like to reserve a table for tonight at 7 pm.

3. Cancel

When you don’t want the booking or reservation made previously.

  • I would like to cancel the booking/reservation I made for tonight under the name of (name).

4. People

The plural of person, it is used to specify how many people will be coming.

  • I need to make a booking for 23 people. My name is (name).

5. Menu

The list of food and drinks that are served at the restaurant.

  • Before I make a booking, what kind of menu do you have, seafood or meats?

6. Non-Smoking / Smoking

To say whether you want to sit in an area of the restaurant that allows cigarettes or not.

  • I would like a table in the non-smoking section, please.

7. Area Selection – Window / Inside / Outside

  • We want a table by the window if you have one.
  • We would like to be seated inside.
  • Can you reserve one of your outside tables for us, please?

8. Booth

A booth is a table that has long cushion chairs around it. The chairs have backs that separate each table from one another. This kind of seating is normally found in cafes.

  • I would like a booth, please.

9. Availability

A word used to ask if there are tables that can be reserved or not.

  • Do you have any tables available this afternoon?
  • What is your booking availability for a large group of 50 people for tomorrow at lunch?

10. Booking Times

What is the earliest/latest time I can make a reservation?

  • Please reserve a table for me at (time). My name is (name).
  • Do you have any times available to make a booking for tonight?
  • What time does the restaurant open this evening?
  • Do you allow bookings?

11. Special Occasions

  • It is our Ten year wedding anniversary next month, and I wanted to see if you have any special offers or arrangements before I booked a table with you?
  • Can I please reserve your best table for Friday next week? I am planning on proposing to my Girlfriend during the evening; can arrangements be made to have the ring brought to our table in a Champagne Glass?

Booking a table at a restaurant is easy if you remember the three most important things you need to include in your request.

  1. Your Name
  2. Time
  3. How many people.

Where you would like to sit is an additional detail, include it when you make the booking, especially if you would like a particular table.

We hope that this helps you to book your table the next time you go out to eat with friends or family. Please leave us a comment if you liked this article and please check out our other great articles on the website.

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