Halloween Vocabulary Picture: 10 phrases and words

halloween vocabulary picture

 halloween vocabulary picture

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1. Dress up:
wear a costume for a special occasion

2. Scare / frighten somebody:
make somebody feel scared or frightened

3. Give somebody the creeps:
make somebody feel fear or revulsion

4. Go trick or treating:
tradition of kids going to neighbours’ homes to scare them and ask for sweets or treats

5. A costume:
a set of clothes worn in order to look like somebody else

6. A fancy dress party:
a party where people dress up in costumes

7. Spooky (adjective):
strange and frightening

8. Haunted (adjective):
inhabited by ghosts ( a haunted house)

9. Creepy (adjective):
causing people to feel nervous and afraid

10. A nightmare:
a bad dream

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