How Patience Will Help You to Learn English Faster?


Patience meaningThe world has undoubtedly accelerated around us. Information is flowing at an incredible speed. We travel, eat, communicate and live faster than ever before.

We run out of patience if we don’t get what we want immediately, our patience is wearing is thinner and thinner while we are standing in a queue waiting for our turn, we lose patience with the traffic easily and quickly in the rush hours because we are always in a hurry.

Though this acceleration is inevitable you as a language learner must consider that it is only a few is able to acquire a language in a relative short time, so English and other language learner must have a patience of a saint to be able to reach the goal they have, which is obviously to use English in a proper way.

Patience is a virtue.

  • Firstly you have to clarify in yourself that language learning is a slow but not necessarily a painful project. People have already started to discover the advantages of slowing down, more and more cities join to the movement of “Slow food“ for example.
  • That tries to concentrate on the quality rather than the speed of meals. This can be the same with learning languages. In a lot of cases small steps can take you further, sooner than you might imagine.
  • It is also essential to be patient with yourself. Acquiring a new language is like ascending the level of a child who is trying to study to speak. You have to let your adult ego that is constantly complaining about its desperate situation not being able to express its thoughts clearly. It took you a long time to study your mother tongue too, didn’t it?
  • A small victory is a victory too. Don’t forget to note if you have managed to use the language in a new situation etc. speaking on the phone, understanding announcements or sentences from the news or your favourite series.
  • Hold on! Most people are extremely enthusiastic when jumping into learning a new language. This enthusiasm rarely lasts though. It is not a problem if you have some breaks in language learning but don’t forget to return until you have reached your target.

At the end some nice idioms with patience, I hope you enjoy them!

out of patience. Annoyed and impatient after being patient for a while. (Typically: be ~; run ~). Example: I am going to run out of patience if you keep acting like this!

-lose patience (with someone or something). To stop being patient with someone or something; to become impatient with someone or something. Example: I told him several times to stop speaking like that, but finally I lost my patience and went away.

To have the patience of a saint and have the patience of Job. Means: To have a great deal of patience. Example: She is an excellent teacher; she has a patience of a saint which is necessary if you want to work with teenagers.

Wear thin. If your patience wears thin, you become less and less patient (often in continuous tenses). Example: My patience is wearing thin; we have to solve this problem as quickly as possible!

Source: The Free Dictionary

Do you often loose your patience with English language learning?

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