How to write an Invitation Letter?


I love receiving invitations, but writing an invitation can seem like a difficult task.  It doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’ll discuss ways to write an invitation and the things you want to keep in mind when writing one.

So, are you throwing a party? Getting married? Holding a business conference? All of these things have something in common; they will require invitations to be sent out.

Almost every one of us will at some point have to write a message inviting other people to attend our special occasion.

No matter what the invitation is for, almost every single one will begin with a greeting directed toward the recipient (the person who is being invited).

Invitations for Social Events

Depending on the occasion, the invite could be sent by others on behalf of someone else. For example, it is very common to see a wedding invitation worded like this:

Family Smith & Family Jones have the pleasure of inviting

(Name/s of the invited person/s)

to the marriage of their son (name) and daughter (name).

Many cultures write wedding invitations this way because the parents have helped to pay for the wedding. Most of the time the name of the groom’s parents would appear first.

Surprise parties, special occasions for a small child, etc., would also be similarly worded as coming from the family or close friends.

When not required, it can simply say, We would like to invite you to our…

Within the message would be the essential details, the place, the time, even what the dress code is for the occasion. Depending on the type of event, some invitations include a request that the guest brings a gift, or contribute in some way to the activity.

Many social messages end by asking that the invitees respond by a set date to say whether they will be attending or not.  Often written as RSVP, these are the initials of the French words, Respondez, s’il vous plait, meaning, Please Respond, in English.

Social Event Invitation Sample

To our dear friends (names),

We take great pleasure in inviting you and your family to a special Surprise 10 Year Anniversary party we are hosting for John and Jane Smith.

We are hosting the event at the local Community Club Hall on the 22 of July from 7 pm onwards.

The address is: 123 Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Hills.

Inside the invitation envelope, you will find a detailed map with guided instructions on how to get to the Community Club Hall. If you need help getting there, please let us know so that it can be arranged in advance.

Everyone invited is welcome to bring a gift for John and Jane. A gift registry has been set up at (name of Business), where you can select to purchase one of the gifts already chosen.

Monetary donations can be given to the couple personally on the night if you wish. A small envelope has been included with this invitation for that reason.

The dress code is formal.

If you can attend, please advise us on our number below by the 10th of July, that way the caterers will have sufficient notice to prepare the meals required for all guests. Guests are strictly by invitation; please do not invite others on our behalf as spaces are limited, and we have already made sure to ask all of John and Jane’s close friends and family.

Your presence would be most welcome and appreciated, please make sure to RSVP no later than the 10th of July.

With warm affection your friends

Mark and Amy Rogers

In this Invitation we mentioned monetary gifts, take note, however, that the giving of money as a gift is not always culturally acceptable, and in some countries could be inappropriate even offensive.

Wedding Invitations often speak about a gift registry. A Gift Registry is when a couple has gone to a department store choosing things that they would like. These items are registered on a list.

The guests can then visit the store, look at the Registry list, and purchase one or more of the objects as a gift for the couple.

Much stress is removed by this, as many guests are not sure whether the bride and groom will like something that they may choose to give as a gift.

More formal or business invitations can look and sound very different. However, they do have many points in common with a social invite, let’s take a look at one.

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Formal/Business Invitation Sample

From: Company Name and Details

Date: 19 September 2018

To: (Invitee)

Subject: Your personal invitation to our annual conference.

Dear (invited).

It is our pleasure to invite you to our Annual Business Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Times Square, New York. It will take place on the 9th of April at 4 pm in conference room B1.

This year’s annual conference is going to be a standout occasion with some exciting announcements about our company’s future.

As one of our most respected business partners, we warmly invite you to be present, please find enclosed your special pass that will grant you access to this exclusive event. Upon arrival, you will be shown to your assigned seating area.

Following the conclusion of the conference, we will be hosting a meet and greet for all those who were present. The idea is to open the way for you to get to know our other business partners. Throughout the evening, following the conference, light refreshments and drinks will be made available.

When the meeting has concluded, each attendee will be provided with our company’s annual report and further gifts as a thank you for attending.

Please RSVP your attendance no later than the 27th of March, by texting Yes or No and your name to this number: 000 111 2222.

Upon arriving at the Hotel, follow the signs to conference room B1 and retrieve your name badge from the host at the table next to the entry door. Complimentary tea and coffee are also available upon your arrival.

We thank you for your continued business and look forward to strengthening the working relationship we have at our annual conference.


(Name of Company Representative organizing the event.)

Notice that the tone and amount of words in a Business invitation is greater than that of a social one. This is because it is considered to be more formal. Often the expectation is that the attendees will attend in their business clothing.

Formal invitations frequently include words of praise for the invited person and that their attendance would be appreciated. Included are the same necessary details, such as the time, place, and importantly, the reason for the event.

Points to remember:

Writing an invitation is not as difficult as you may think.

  • Begin by making a list of the important details to include.
  • Have the relevant names and contact information at hand.
  • Begin with a warm, friendly greeting.
  • State the reason for the invitation.
  • Mention the details.
  • Conclude with an appeal to the person; We hope to see you there!
  • Sign your name and contact information at the end.

These basic steps can help you write a great invitation for any event, social or business related. Just remember to send me an invitation to your next party though!

If you reckon that this article will help you write a great invitation for your next party or business event, leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to check out the other posts on the website too.

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4 years ago

Thanks for this terrific ‘step by step’ invitation guide miss Katherine. This article was just what I was looking for. Thanks

Miss H