Muse Definition. What is a Muse?


Muse Definition

Have you ever had to think about something very carefully? Then you were musing. The word muse is most commonly used in its verb form.

Muse (verb) means to think profoundly or deeply about a matter.

Although, it is not commonly used in daily speech you will find it written in books and magazines quite often. Here are a few examples of its use in a written form.

  • The President mused over the tense political situation.
  • He spent the afternoon musing whether to accept the job or not.

In a spoken form, although very infrequent, we could say,

  • I will muse the problem this evening.
  • I am sure she will muse over the matter before deciding.

Muse, forms the base for a more commonly used word, amuse. When something amuses us, it has entertained us.

Less frequent use of the word Muse is in its noun form.

A Muse (noun) is someone or something that inspires an artist and their art.

Here is an example of its use.

  • The artist’s muse was the strong wind of the storm.
  • What was your muse for this art?

While you may never use this word as a noun, the verb muse can enrich your vocabulary, so why not muse ways to include it in your speech and writing?

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