Rebuke Definition. What does Rebuke mean?


Rebuke Definition

Although not a commonly used word today, it is still relevant and useful to know. Used as both a verb and noun, it means to verbally disapprove of someone for something they have done or are doing.

To illustrate, think of a parent who tells their child off for unacceptable behavior. They are rebuking their child.

While it was quite common in the past, today phrases like, telling- off or disciplining, are used more often.

To rebuke someone can also mean they are being criticised for their behavior. Here are a few examples of its use as a verb.



  • My father rebuked me when I was young for playing with fire.
  • The boss rebuked us for taking too long a break for lunch.



  • My manager rebuked me for selling our products too cheap.
  • I didn’t want to rebuke her, but she wouldn’t stop talking!

Even though it is not as familiar, this word can add color your vocabulary. Why not try to include it in a conversation when possible? Try to remember also, have you ever been rebuked?

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