Ride meaning


ride, bicycle, ride high, hitch a ride


He is taking me for a ride in his brand new car.

Meaning: Carry someone about, usually for recreation, in a car, plane, boat

He is taking us for a ride, we should not have trusted him.

Idiomatic expression: to cheat or deceive someone

Chelsea rode their luck as they defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

To take advantage of fortunate events.

The fearless surfers rode the dangerous waves.

The waves are assisting their movement

The rides in Universal Studios Florida is scary and exhilarating!

Rides refer to roller coaster rides in theme parks.

He rode his friend’s coattails to get privileges otherwise reserved for Senior VIP executives.

Riding coattails: to mooch, sponge, free load, skate by, or do absolutely nothing but watch while somebody else does all the work and still somehow still attempt to take at least partial credit or received benefits for something one does not have a hand in.

Can we use “ride” in the same sentence as a 4 wheel vehicle? Of course!


  • I am riding on a bus.
  • I am riding on a train.

Explanation. You are not the person in control of the vehicle. You are merely a passenger.

As for the example, “ride” can also be used to describe a passenger travelling in any type of vehicle.

  • I need a ride home.

This example means that you need someone to drive you home by any modes of transport.

  • Do you ride? (Might refer to the notion of one possessing a motorbike license.)

How about animals?

  • He is riding a black horse.
  • She is riding a camel.

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