40 Sales English Phrases – English for Sales People


Around the world, advertising agencies and businesses are brain-storming new and attractive sales phrases on a daily basis. That’s because Advertising is an over 500 billion dollar (US dollar) a year industry worldwide.

For that reason, it is most likely that we have all heard a least a few of these famous sales phrases. Often they are not just a phrase, but also what is known as a call-to-action. A call-to-action means the expression itself is telling you to do something.

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1. Because you’re worth it!

A phrase used by a famous French cosmetic company called L’oreal Paris, to tell the customer that they deserve to buy the product for themselves. Similar phrases have appeared due to its success.

  • You deserve the best!
  • Spoil yourself!

2. Best Offer

A unique sales arrangement, the customer is invited to make an offer to buy something based on what they think it is worth. The seller can decide whether to accept or decline the offer.

  • The best offer will be accepted.

The company is claiming that their price is the best on offer or best available at that time.

  • Best offer guaranteed!

3. Best-sellers

A descriptive sales phrase which advertises the products that are the most popular.

  • Please come in and have a look at our best sellers.

4. Blow-out Sale

A sudden sale which has higher than usual discounts.

  • We are having a blow out sale this weekend, come in and get yourself a bargain.

5. Buy a Bargain

The idea is that everything for sale is a bargain and that anyone can buy one if they want to.

  • You are sure to buy a bargain at the market.

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6. Buy one get one free.

Also known as a two-for-one offer, a second product will be given for free with the purchase of one.

  • We currently have our special “buy one get one free” offer available.

7. Buy one get the second at half price.

Similar to the one above. However, the second item’s cost is reduced to half its standard value.

  • Today only, buy one and get the second at half price!

8. Buy two get one free.

If you purchase two things, you will get a third for free. The third item is usually the same thing, and it must be equal to or less than the value of the least expensive item purchased.

  • We have a surplus of stock so come in and take advantage of our “buy two and get one free” offer!

9. Buyers Paradise

Because the products are outstanding and the prices are fantastic the sales phrase is comparing it to a paradise, or perfect environment for people to buy what they want.

  • Come and check out our buyer’s paradise!

10. Cancel Anytime

Usually used to advertise an on-going service, the customer is promised that they can cancel their service at any time and are not under a contract to stay for a minimum amount of time.

  • This is a month to month arrangement which will allow you to cancel anytime.

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11. Closing Down Sale

When a business is closing permanently, it will often reduce the prices of its products in the last days or weeks to sell as much as possible.

  • Come to our Closing Down Sale this weekend!

12. Delivery Included / Free Shipping.

The item will be delivered or shipped to you at no further cost.

  • All our products come with free nationwide delivery included.
  • Take advantage of our free shipping offer this month only.

13. Don’t be late!

A call-to-action phrase designed to motivate a buyer to come and purchase something typically before a sale finishes.

  • With prices so low, don’t be late or you will miss out!

14. Doorbuster Deals

Items are so cheap that people would figuratively break through the doors (hence the phrase door-buster,) to buy them.

  • Come in and check out our doorbuster deals!

15. Exclusive offer

A special offer or price that no one else has or is making. It is unique to the store or place advertising it.

  • We have an exclusive offer for our members.

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16. Factory Specials

Prices are lowered to almost the same amount it cost to make it in the factory.

  • We have to make room in our warehouse, so come in and check out our factory specials.

17. Half-off

When the amount of an item has been reduced by half, it’s regular price.

  • This week only, half-off storewide!

18. Interest-free repayments for one year (or some other time frame)

When purchasing an item using some form of store credit or credit card, the first 12 months are free of any interest charges.

  • Buy today and take advantage of our one-year interest-free repayment plan!

19. It’s a steal!

The price is so low that it is almost like taking it for nothing – or stealing, therefore it’s a steal!

  • With prices this low, it’s a steal!

20. Limited Supply

Only a certain amount of items are available, and once they are sold they are gone!

  • Be quick we only have a limited supply; once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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21. Limited-time offer

The offer is only available until a set time or date.

  • Don’t miss out on this limited time offer.

22. Massive Savings

Because products have been discounted so much, buyers can save money by not paying more for what the item/s would typically cost.

  • With massive savings to be had why would you shop anywhere else?

23. Money-back guarantee

A customer will be completely satisfied with their purchase otherwise their money will be refunded.

  • Buy with confidence due to our money-back guarantee.

24. Never to be repeated

It will not happen ever again. No further explanation required here!

  • These prices are never to be repeated.

25. No deposit required!

When using an approved payment plan, no deposit is expected to take the item home.

  • Come in and buy today, no deposit required!

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26. Offer ends soon

The discount will quickly be removed, and the price will return to normal.

  • Don’t delay; this offer ends soon.

27. Once in a lifetime

An offer so fantastic, you may never see it again your entire life!

  • It’s our once in a lifetime sale, so don’t miss it! 

28. Only available today

A one day sale only.

  • These specials are only available today.

29. Overstocked Sale

Because they have too many products, they are having a sale to reduce the amount of stock.

  • We are going to have an Overstocked Sale, come in and take advantage of our exclusive offers.

30. Runout sale

Used to describe the reduced cost of an older model or a product that will no longer be available once sold.

  • We are clearing out last years models in our annual runout sale.

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31. Sale of the Century

A sales event that is claiming to be the best of the century (100 years).

  • It is sure to be the Sale of the Century!

32. Slashing prices

The prices of items are being cut, reduced (slashed) significantly.

  • Our team is slashing prices across the entire range of products.

33. Special Offers

Special Offers can refer to products that are not generally on sale or have a reduced price.

  • With special offers like these, you had better be quick! 

34. These deals won’t last!

Designed to encourage people to come and purchase the products quickly, it is a warning that if they don’t hurry they may miss out on the deal.

  • With prices this low, these deals won’t last. 

35. Time is running out!

The same as the previous phrase but stressing to the buyer that the time left is short.

  • Time is running out to spoil yourself!

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36. Try before you buy!

Posible buyers are invited to use the product in-store generally before they commit to purchasing it.

  • Come on in and try before you buy!

37. Unbelievable Discounts

If something is unbelievable, it is because it seems to good to be true. That’s what this sales phrase is trying to say; it is almost unbelievable how good the discounts are.

  • We are offering unbelievable discounts on all of our products. 

38. Warehouse Sale

The items are being sold from the warehouse or where they are usually kept in storage, not from a department store.

  • Don’t miss out on our rare Warehouse Sale. You won’t be disappointed!

39. We will match or beat any competitors prices!

The seller is guaranteeing that you will be able to buy the item from them for the same cost or less than from any other store. Usually, the buyer must show evidence to prove the lower cost from another store; this could be an advertisement or written quote.

  • If you find the item for less, we will match or beat any competitors price.

40. …Throw in for free…

A Sales phrase used to make an offer more appealing, for example, “if you buy this iPhone I will throw in this protective cover case for free.”

  • Because you are such a valued customer, we are going to throw in for free one of our signature products.

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Many of these phrases have slight variations. However, they are among the most common for any kind of sale.

Depending on the product or service being offered, a sales phrase can be specific to that item or service. It can be humorous or play on words to help potential buyers remember. At times a business sales phrase is also its slogan or tagline.

Here are a few examples.


  • Designed for driving pleasure.


  • There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.


  • Taste the Rainbow!


  • Eat Fresh.

So what makes a good sales phrase? It should be short, easy to understand and memorable.

So, which sales phrase had you heard or seen before? Can you think of any others?

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